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The Cult of Star Trek boldly goes from Strength to Strength

by James Murphy

Could 2016 be Star Trek’s biggest year yet?



It is the fiftieth anniversary of the beloved sci-fi franchise, STAR TREK. Its latest movie episode, BEYOND is doing quite well. Sure, it’s no mega smash and is more like an extended episode of the classic tv show than a true extension of the mythology. But that was what was needed at this point..the celebratory year (part 4 in the new reboot series will be epic: Chris Hemsworth returns as Kirk’s dad..cue time travel?). Oh and a new tv show is on the way: DISCOVERY


So it’s CELEBRATION TIME, Trekkers! Engage..



Although many sci-fi fans are still holding out for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to deliver the year’s biggest box office hit, few would argue with the fact that 2016 has been a fantastic year for Star Trek followers.




With acclaimed blockbuster movies, heart-rending documentaries and headline-grabbing fan conventions taking over casino resorts, it seems that Gene Roddenberry’s galactic franchise is showing no signs of slowing down as it enters its 50th year.


The anniversary was celebrated in style at Las Vegas earlier this month with a massive convention that saw celebrities like William Shatner and Whoopi Goldberg entertaining the thousands of Trekkies who made their way to the capital of casino gaming entertainment.



But it’s probably the movie Star Trek Beyond that offered the most instantly gratifying example of why the franchise is held in such regard. Thanks to Simon Pegg and Doug Jong’s screenplay, it earned positive reviews due to the way in which it paid homage to many traditional Trekkie themes that appeased long-standing fans and catered to a new audience to bring in a massive $195 million in box office revenues.




Such successes have meant that the franchise has made some great additions to the gaming world in 2016 too. As well as the hugely anticipated Star Trek Online game that’s expected to come to PS4 and Xbox One consoles later this year, there’s been a few notable additions to the mobile gaming realm in the form of the Star Trek Timelines RPG game, and no less than three Star Trek-themed slots games at the Casino Euro site that is perfect evidence of just how adaptable the sci-fi franchise is.


And if you were in any doubt as to whether Star Trek is capable of delivering a satisfying emotional punch, then look no further than the For The Love Of Spock documentary that was released earlier this year.




Movingly directed by Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam Nimoy, it covered the actor’s life and how he came to deal with the immense popularity earned by playing such an iconic role. Interestingly, the documentary revealed how actor struggled with relationships and alcohol problems as he coped with the issues of becoming one of the most instantly recognisable actors on the planet.




But with an endless succession of blockbuster movies, fan conventions and casino games all celebrating the phenomenon that is Star Trek, it seems that the franchise will maintain its role as one of the most well-loved sci-fi epics.




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