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Owen Smith to star in sequel to Emmy sensation spy thriller The Night Manager

by James Murphy

Night Manager 2: Majordomo. Starring Owen Smith. Set to enter Production in 2017?


The Night Manager was a HUGE hit earlier this year and earned a much deserved Emmy award for Best Direction (congratulations, Susanne Bier). Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Elizabeth Debicki all did brilliant work, lending an unparalleled class to the spy thriller.


Laurie especially was an unexpected gem of screen villainy; a kind of cross between Mel Gibson in Expendables 3, Jeremy Clarkson and Tony Blair. You hated his actions as an arms dealer, yet would have to fight against instincts to find him strangely charming and even sympathetic in a number of scenes.

(I once met Laurie, about 25 years ago. It was backstage, after a performance of the Ben Elton play, Gasping. I was 11 ish. I did my impression of him to his face ‘So YOU’RE the boy that does this impression of me?’. I focused my performance on Prince George from Black-Adder. ‘Well keep working on it’, said Hugh, before asking me, somewhat endearingly whether ‘the other boys in the Dorm KNOW who you are impersonating when you do that voice?’. ‘Of course they do!’, I assured him. And they did, too!)


I digress..back to Night Manager stuff..

Tom Hiddleston was also excellent as a night manager. I believed him as someone that could definitely look in command behind a hotel desk and attend to all my needs. So it was hoped that perhaps he could make the sequel? Sadly, it looks like Tom will be busy, having been offered a chance to take over from Idris Elba as the eponymous lead in BBC cop drama LUTHER. 

Idris was keen to move on and do other things (he will be playing Aidan Turner’s long lost brother in series 3 of POLDARK) and has apparently given Tom his blessing for the part. There has been some debate as to whether the world is ready for a white man to play Luther. But if anyone can rise up to the challenge, it’s Tom Hiddleston. These things are never just ‘black and white’.


Little is known about the details of the NIGHT MANAGER 2: MAJORDOMO. Apparently, an independent treatment was pitched, using similar characters and motifs from the original story, whilst accommodating author John le Carré’s lack of ‘sequelitis’ (Smiley series aside, he’s not big on serial adventure heroes).

And so, OWEN SMITH is a natural fit for the new leading man. It is thought he can fit in filming around his political commitments. He spent the summer in method preparation, whilst posing as a candidate for leadership of the British Labour Party.

Smith has not commented officially as yet but this is thought to be a ‘done deal’ and anonymous sources close to the project have paraphrased his enthusiastic acceptance of the gig. ‘I believe I can do this; bringing NIGHT MANAGER to a new and fresh audience with an original vision. It’s time for change. Again’. 

Filmmakers were struck by the parallels between Smith and the new hero of the sequel thriller. The character is thought to be called John Oak, indicating strength and stuff to do with trees. ‘He has to be anonymous and blend in without being noticed..spies have to do that and Smith really nails that‘, said one other source.

Smith certainly has the chops for action, as it is thought that he frequently undertakes undercover missions with the SAS at weekends as a way of unwinding from politics. He is unbeaten in Laser Quest and can often be found leading team building expeditions for Paint-Ball contests down at his local range. Without protective padding, too!


Details of plot and supporting cast are sketchy at present and being kept under a blanket of secrecy. But it is thought Smith will star as a top flight Majordomo who is sent in undercover to infiltrate and investigate a Drug Dealing operation that poses as a Pharmaceuticals Firm.

The ‘big bad’ villain will be played by Stephen Fry. Smith’s own method experience as a lobbyist in the Pharmaceuticals trade has apparently been worked into the script. And he would be very convincing as a Majordomo, organising the baddie’s household and attending to all domestic needs.

We will provide more details as they become available. Meantime, we extend our warmest congratulations to the team that brought us Night Manager, on their much deserved successes. We await the sequel with great interest and anticipation. Even if we have to make one up that does not exist (but seriously..please..make one..soon?). The Cornwell family = Genius! 

Nb the details of this article are mostly bollox and filed under ‘humor’. Except the bits about Night Manger being excellent, everyone wanting a sequel (with or without Hiddleston) and my lovely little anecdote about meeting nice Mr Laurie..


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