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PolitFlix Podcast #3 Damian K. Lahey and James Murphy talk Political Cinema, Auteur Theory, Independent film, Trump, Star Wars, 007, Joan Collins and Burt Lancaster

by James Murphy

‘WELCOME, JAMES. What took you so long?’.


Auteur Theory. Independent Film-Making. Creative Freedom. Left vs Right wing balance. Oh and James Bond, Star Wars, Joan Collins and some nice surprising topic gems in a nice little chat. 

Well, we have recorded a batch of these podcasts, back to back. Very tough work with only a skeleton crew, semi professional / part hobby ethos and a redefined purpose in one’s ‘day job’. And yet, here we are. Still. Not giving up.

This mission of a third way approach to political debate, via film and in turn, using politics as filter for film insight? It’s a good pitch. It will go places. Just not overnight. Give it nothing and there is zero return. Give it too much and it’s simply delusional. All about balance. A ‘third way’.

And, in that spirit: here is episode 3 of PolitFlix. The audio can still use a boost and we are working on that. The panel needs a greater number of players. There must be more variety and frequency of content. But this ep? It’s quality chat.

I (that’s James Murphy: me, Editor in Chief) was lucky enough to sit down with DAMIAN K LAHEY, independent film -maker. To right the wrongs of the world, to discover old cinematic gems and discuss the latest movie gossip. Over Skype and Coffee.

It’s an entertaining and informative listen, trust me. And Damian’s is a name to watch. See the ‘show notes’ below for more details. So: click on the link, press play and hopefully – ‘enjoy’. 





JAMES MURPHY is Editor in Chief at Movie Viral



A Jacksonville, Fl. native, Damian graduated from Douglas Anderson School Of The Arts High School and The University Of North Carolina School Of The Arts Film School. He produced and wrote several independent films including festival darlings Ding-A- Ling- Less (2002) and Cocaine Angel (2006), which premiered at Rotterdam International FF and South By Southwest. He was a staff writer/contributing editor for IndieSlate Magazine from 2006-2011 and his work has also appeared in Movie Maker, IndieWire, Podcasting Them Softly and Never Heard Of It among others.

In 2008 he won The Creative Excellence Award for screenwriting at Slamdance. Damian has also worked on several commercials, music videos and shorts over the years including Children For A Day (2008), which finished up a successful festival run in 2010, winning a slew of awards. The last feature film he wrote and directed, the holiday comedy/drama The Heroes Of Arvine Place (2012), was shot in Jacksonville, Fl. and also had a very strong festival run, winning several awards and was picked up for distribution and released in December of 2014 on Blu-Ray and multiple online platforms.

In July of 2014, Damian wrote and directed the short comedy/horror piece Soccer Moms In Peril in Los Angeles, which had its world premiere at Dances With Films in Hollywood in June of 2015. It recently finished a successful festival run, even winning a Jury Award at the prestigious Indie Memphis Film Festival. Damian kicked off 2016 shooting another short film, District Quarantine in Los Angeles, which is currently enjoying its festival run and followed that up with the short Captain Traer Smiles At The Stars which was shot in Los Angeles in March of this year and is in post-production.

Look out for his work  at this FESTIVAL..



A 1963 movie about class, politics and preservation of integrity. Starring Burt Lancaster. 1860s set period piece, with beautiful epic sprawl and Sicilian aesthetic. Well worth a watch! Still relevant.



Charming road movie that proves age is no barrier to adventure, experience and personal discovery. Starring Joan Collins, who remains, quite simply, one of Britain’s finest exports to Hollywood. A vital woman: glamorous, elegant, stylish, distinctive, theatrical but also a force to be reckoned with; not one to be outdone in contract negotiations or free speech in political debate.

Comedy character, controversial yet highly innovative and informative/insightful film critic from the minds at Red Letter Media. 

Courtroom drama meets conspiracy thriller. Filmed in 1992, adapted from the stage play. Tom Cruise vs Jack Nicholson, both on top form, surrounded by a top tier supporting cast. Very much of its time in motif and visual signature (see also: The Firm, 1993, also starring Tom Cruise, also as a lawyer, trapped in a conspiracy plot). Soon to be remade with Alec Baldwin in the Nicholson role.


Political. True Story events, made with first rate docu-thriller precision by Kathryn Bigelow . 


Heist comedy thriller, from Steven Soderbergh, starring Daniel Craig at his character acting best.

  • James Bond /Star Wars/Iron Man:

Come on! If you need a prompt on those? Then you’re probably not even reading this page. 😉

POLITFLIX PODCAST returns shortly with a retrospective view on the TERMINATOR series. Dave Bond will be the guest co-host.



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