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POLITFLIX 12: A Look at the great TONY STARK on film as we approach Avengers Infinity War and 10 years of IRON MAN on Film in 2018

by James Murphy


Facing the STARK realities: PolitFlix is Back. Dave Bond and James Murphy take a retrospective look at Tony Stark on film: Iron Man 1,2 and 3 plus Captain America: Civil War, Avengers /Age of Ultron and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Also: we think about the ongoing fallout from Justice League. There is an exploration of how to build the next Bond film, taking The World is Not Enough as a precedent. Plus: James gets back from Paris and sings the praises of a great city, having brushed shoulders with some real life Tony Stark tech merchants and Paris’ answer to Pepper Potts.

We talk about the appeal of Tony Stark and his place in the political and social as well as cultural landscape. Why do we love this man so much and to what extent is that attributable to the charm and genius of one Robert Downey Junior?

THEY SAY you can only have a podcast about POLITICS or FILM. WE SAY: is it too much to ask for BOTH? So: kick back /sit back/strap in..JARVIS..Engage the House Party Protocol (click on the linky thing below and listen /enjoy..).



Post Script Show Notes:

James Murphy is Editor in Chief at Movie Viral

Dave Bond is Host at Do you Expect us to Talk?

The World is Not Enough was the 19th James Bond film.
Justice League is still in Cinemas. It is still a kind of flop.


IRON MAN (2008) launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe and remains a much beloved movie,credited also with reminding the world of the genius of Robert Downey Junior. An origin story, the movie takes weapons designer, Tony Stark, on a journey of reformation: from care-free Playboy to philanthropist and super-hero, via a stint as a hostage and finally: his design and piloting of a certain armoured power suit..

IRON MAN 2 (2010) is a direct continuation /sequel to the events of the first film. Stark is confronting his legacy and how to remain the custodian of the Iron Man tech amidst challenges on all sides. Enemies old and new take on our hero: a business rival (Justin Hammer, played by Sam Rockwell); an embittered and evil Russian scientist, Vanko (Mickey Rourke: and yes, we could spell ‘vanko’ with a ‘w’ at its start but…Mickey has suffered enough and can still kick arse so..best not!). Much maligned for setting up Avengers, Iron Man 2, despite lacking part 1’s charm, remains an entertaining and fun watch, touching some fascinating themes, too.

IRON MAN 3 (2013): A curiosity. At once relishing its genre and dissecting it in provocative meta method. VERY Shane Black. It’s a post Avengers world and they call that out. There are some points about the war on terror and a meditation on man vs machine and identity of the self. Set at Christmas. Tone is a BIT of a problem. Some structural weaknesses. But still a satisfying cinematic experience, right down to THE best end credit sequence and theme to match in many a movie from the past decade.

ALL HAIL THE KING (2013): A Marvel ‘one shot’ short film and ‘ret-con’ answer to THAT twist on the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Sir Ben Kingsley and Sam Rockwell star, reprising their roles from the previous Iron Man films. MIGHT be a one and done special OR a BIG set-up for an as yet unmade IRON MAN 4?

AVENGERS (ASSEMBLE) (2012): THE most successful super-hero team up of all time. But also a genuine progression for Tony Stark and his relationship to society, super-heroes and above all..with Pepper Potts!

AVENGERS : AGE OF ULTRON (2015): Stark goes bad? Well, he makes a BIG mistake, creating a rogue AI programme called ULTRON (Voiced by James Spader) that tries to destroy the world.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016): Better and Bigger than BATMAN V SUPERMAN. A conflict between two heroes that is both explained adequately in the self contained terms of the film AND reflective of the build up in preceding films from this Marvel Cinematic Universe. Genuinely thrilling and also, startlingly sad in places. One of Stark’s best: we learn more about the man as hero and lost soul.

SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING (2017): Tony becomes a Dad of sorts..of the surrogate /mentor variety. Taking Peter Parker (Tom Holland) under his wing and equipping the kid with advanced tech, Stark passes down a valuable lesson on balancing power with circumspect humility and maturity.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018): Watch this space!

Those Pepper Potts Paris handbags 😉

PolitFlix Returns in the OLIVER STONE BIOPIC ep. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! 😉


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