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When it comes to Playing Games in Movies? Always Bet on BINGO!

by James Murphy

The Most Memorable Bingo Scenes & Movies


Bingo has been around for ages. The game can be played for fun, cash and prizes, with millions of people enjoying not only the winning but the social atmosphere. Bingo has its origins in Italy around 1530. It then spread all through Europe, with France in the late 1770s and Germany in the 1800s. Nowadays, it is still growing in popularity especially in the United Kingdom and USA. Hence the reason for the increasing prominence of mFortune Bingo  and other progressive bingo sites that offer exciting online bingo games.

Therefore, it will come as no surprise to anyone that many movies feature scenes containing, at the very least, a game of bingo. We have taken the liberty of highlighting the following three films which include memorable bingo scenes, which have helped make these titles a huge success. Plus there is a special mention of a TV series as well.

Bad Grandpa (2013)


Bad Grandpa, named Irving, was first seen in the TV stunt series Jackass as one of Johnny Knoxville’s characters (Irving) who the public loathed, playing a disgusting old man. This character has his own movie, and one of the best scenes is when Irving goes to a bingo hall to have a game. During the scene, he tries to cheat other players, asks for a game of strip bingo and drinks the bingo marker pen fluid. The awkwardness of the stunned public makes it hilarious.

Rampage (2009)

Rampage follows a disturbed 23-year-old named Bill Williamson, who is agitated with life and the world around him. There are notable moments in the film as Bill walks around shooting members of the public at random, but the best scene of this film is when Bill enters the bingo hall. He is wearing a full suit of armour with a gun and orders a sandwich. Only the man who serves him seems to take notice of Bill, as hundreds in the room just ignore Bill’s presence. This continues even whilst he starts reading out bingo numbers as everyone is just interested in whether or not he’s read out what is on their card. Bill spares the bingo players, mostly full of elderly people, as he doesn’t believe they are his enemy.

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Hotel Transylvania is a hotel and resort run by Dracula, where monsters can escape from scaring humans and just be amongst each other for a change and relax. One of the ways they can do this is by playing bingo. In this hilarious scene, the bingo balls are actually little skulls which read out their own numbers when picked up, perhaps symbolising how bingo is life or death to some players. Ms Frankenstein thinks she has a bingo, then a monster sat next to her quickly eats her sheet. This is a great parody of how seriously the great game of bingo is taken in real world, and of how competitive players can get with each other.

Better Call Saul (2015)

Away from the cinema to TV series, Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul features a classic Bingo scene. Saul (known as Jimmy then) is a corrupt lawyer determined to get on track and make a good living. In this scene, Jimmy is the bingo caller, desperate to win new clients. He keeps getting the same balls from the machine, possibly symbolising that no matter what he tries, things are always going to turn out the same way for him. Jimmy then ends up ranting to the audience about how terrible he thinks his life is.


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