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Best Gambling Movies You Should Watch Tonight

by James Murphy

PLACE YOUR BETS ON THE BEST GAMBLING MOVIES. Gamble sensibly and Choose your films, wisely! 

Gambling movies take you through one hell of a thrilling and exciting ride. The storylines are fabulously written to not only fit everything in place but also to keep the viewers on edge throughout the movie. Whether you are passionate about gambling in real life or not, you must check out these happening movies tonight to have a fantastic time.

1995’s ‘Casino’ movie

It might be kind of old but it is one of those evergreen classic movies you must not miss on. The storyline is based on the real-life incident and is considered as one of the best works of Scorsese. The movie stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone can be seen in the leading role making the movie even more iconic. The story is shown to taken place in Vegas with Robert De Niro playing the cast of the bookmaker in a local casino. He basically works for his bosses who are gangsters. Another major character of the movie is Nicholas played by Joe Pesci who is portrayed as a thief and murderer. Due to his greedy nature and huge future plans, he is a major risk to the lives of many characters in the movie.

The movie was a major box office success and earned over $100 million along with awards in many categories thanks to the director’s impeccable work and awesome performances by actors. The movie stands out among the gaming based classical genre movie which should definitely be on the topmost position of your watchlist.

The Multi-starrer Flick- Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is one of the movies of the Ocean’s Trilogy. This stands out for the current generation as one of the revolutionary movies out there. The movie is made keeping in mind the comic-timing coupled with the clever yet dangerous aspects of the gambling world and bingo gaming centre. Many major actors like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia have performed outstandingly well.

The storyline is set in Las Vegas. It shows the release of the former thief from prison, after which he starts targeting three of the hot gambling spots-The Mirage, The Bellagio and MGM Grand- which are owned by notorious businessmen. He targets them specifically to rob them of huge cash present at the casinos. The movie is amazing and has earned $450 million in revenues. So do not wait long and watch it tonight.

The James Bond movie – Casino Royale

This flick is regarded as the outstanding movie falling in the genre of gambling. It comes as no wonder since it’s the classic James Bond movie. The movie has earned $600 million at the box office to give you an idea of how magnificent this movie is. It stars Daniel Craig and Eva Green with Daniel playing the role of James Bond. The scenes shown in the movie portray James Bond part-taking in the poker sessions of high risks which have given thrilling experience to many and will surely give to you as well. There are many unexpected turns and events that will keep you guessing the next parts. It’s a must watch a movie and it’s better if you do it tonight.



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