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Brie Larson is Better than You. Just Accept it. And Captain Marvel will be a Massive Hit. Move Along you Sad, Pathetic Excuses for ‘Men’ and wannabe ‘Critics’…

by James Murphy

Dear Internet: I think I need to Teach you some Manners. Namely: how you talk to an actual WOMAN..online, in person, via reviews ..woteva. It’s important. WOULD YOU CARE TO STEP OUTSIDE? πŸ˜‰


So, it has become clear that some nasty, insidious, below radar, inadequacy fuelled games are being played, possibly (I might add: possibly, yes) with regard to initial reviews /scores of CAPTAIN MARVEL. Now, you may well feel a need to rebel against the Marvel formula. Perhaps commercial, pluto-capitalist brands oppose your innate sense of egalitarian opportunity in film. But I doubt it. Maybe you saw a rough cut and thought ‘meh’. Nah.

The MAJOR review outlets are praising this new film, unanimously. Few, if any, qualified, well regarded ‘critics’ have a bad word to say about a film that looks set to win a solid box office result. And quite right, too. Marvel make entertaining, high gloss, likeable, entertaining product. And anything that preps us for AVENGERS:ENDGAME = good! I miss RobertΒ Downey Junior as Stark. I know it’s only been a year. But he and Pepper Potts always entertain. Can’t wait to see them again. Meantime? Captain Marvel will do just fine, thanks! I love it. We love it. YOU.LOVE.IT!

That said? We have free speech. Sure. It is ok to irrationally dislike a film, a star, whatever. Same way it’s ok to love and defend, blindly, a favourite actor /band/brand/film series. Making fun of a person or their work is ‘ok’, as is near veneration if that helps you vent /survive/thrive, whatever! Reviews CAN be as subjective as OBJECTIVE. It’s NOT an exact science and anyone saying differently is confusing common decency / sense and a spirit of healthy professionalism with their own take on perfectionism. And that, in itself, is a narcissistic imposition: YOUR worldview, played out upon others.

We must ALL be allowed to express legitimate opinions and reactions, online and indeed in any other format that fosters debate, discussion and in turn, inspires further art and craft in film, writing and so on. If you get paid for it? Great! Get a name: also a bonus? And if not? Do it, anyway, whilst remembering that your take is not definitive; that there may well be so called ‘professionals’ whose standard may even be LOWER than yours but who simply worked harder or even had better luck / played the game more astutely. Or just keep it as a hobby with possible, occasional, professional / monetary outlet. Trust me πŸ˜‰


In the context of BRIE LARSON / CAPTAIN MARVEL? I do ‘get’ that Brie’s comments about ‘white dudes’ dominating the blog-o-sphere in film criticism, were a tad surprising, to say the least. Scary, even? But so what? They were MEANT to inspire NEW writers out there and yes, to CHALLENGE the old order. If you are PART of that old order? Go out and WRITE, something remarkable, something civil, something brave, brilliant, beautiful!

And remember that Brie does not, at least yet, command the kind of dictatorial, didactic authority to prevent you writing. Which is a shame in certain cases, because anyone who would go to the lengths of deliberately trying to flood the net with poor reviews of a movie not yet released?? Needs help. And their writing /typing materials confiscated. Coz they have issues. By behaving with such misplaced moral and artistic myopia to the field of film writing, you do the whole family of fandom a great disservice.

Brie wins, either way. An Oscar winning Actress. Activist. Athlete. Movie Star. And yes, dammit: beautiful. POWERFUL.Β What’s not to like? Even if one were intimidated / annoyed by Brie’s initial demeanour?Β  Well, sometimes, it does not matter. You cannot like everyone anymore than everyone can like you, even in today’s culture of taking offence every five minutes.

Rest assured: it is OK to NOT LIKE someone, even make fun of them, online. It’s ALSO ok to write bad reviews and equally have favourites you defend out of total subjective, blind love / adoration.

NOT ok? stalking them online, harassing, calling them out for stuff that is NOT their fault, trying to trash a movie before it’s released when you simply dislike the lead actor’s politics.

Moving from Brie for a brie(f) sec: case in point, applying my own strict criteria to myself (judge not lest ye b(ri)e judged etc..)

  • I dislike, intently: Harrrryyy Potttter. You all love it: fine! I think it desperately unjust that mediocre child actors are now stars for life when, had it just been a CBeebies thing as it prob coulda been under a different star..they’d be chasing roles like any other grafting actor, imho.
  • But I do NOT go on Emma Watson’s Twitter page or indeed JK’s and write ‘Fantastic Beasts is shit’. I’m not hacking Rotten Tomatoes to bring down the audience scores..etc. Neither should anyone else!Β 

Minor Caveats /Common Sense Distinction? I cannot sign up to sycophancy and nor can I imitate a faux feminism ( faking is itself an insult to a worthy cause, surely?). And, with that in mind..

    • You may also have noticed I occasionally poke fun at certain actors ‘in the running’, allegedly, for the 007 role. But that’s only because I find the notions hilarious. It’s nowt personal and, short of a very short list? You simply cannot beat Daniel Craig just yet so knock it off. I’m sure you’re very nice. But for every ‘is so and so the next 007’ article that trends online? I will try and issue a send up. ‘Hoddleston’, ‘Modden’ et al ; ).Β 
    • As for beauty? Sure. Subjective. Mostly. And yes, a weakness of mine in that aesthetics are important. But WHAT a harmless, splendid flaw to have, no? It’s NOT to asses someone’s validity solely on that criteria. But to say it matters not is delusional and its way, just as nasty as superficiality?

Ergo: Yep. And Back on topic..I love Brie. Beautiful, Brilliant, Box Office Blockbuster, Brie (Larson).Β And yes, will defend both Brie and A N other celeb I happen to like. Here, Twitter, Everywhere.

Rant dun. The end. You’ve been..’beautiful’?Β Β x



Β James. Busy at work on his Captain Marvel research.Β 




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