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Casinos are considered elite places to hang out and chill and actually attract a number of players who love to try their fortune and experience the unique casino ambience.

Certain Poker movies and casino films are compiled here that have been released in the past years so you need to read on to know more about what’s hot in this world of decks of cards and whether the so-called poker faces have changed or if they are the same, the way they were!  Here is a list of movies compiled by Chelsea Palace who are well-known for mega rich scratch card games among many other casino games on their website. Please feel free to sending your feedback.


Best Poker Movies


Rounders (1998) – Miramax Films


This poker movie is set in the glitzy city of New York. It brings the underground poker world into the limelight that is proliferating at a rapid rate. Casting Edward Norton and Matt Damon, Rounders begins to follow 2 friends who are in dire need of cash because they are caught into debt.  Wondering who is a rounder? A ‘rounder’ is a person that has to travel across different cities in order to seek high-roller cash games. The purpose is to win loads of cash. And this star pair had justified its role as it turns out to be an adventurous ride for them.


High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003) – New Line Home Video


Michael Imperioli plays the role of the Stu Ungar, son of a bookie in this film. He starts his career as a player in the world of tournament gin and moves towards the world of poker as he keeps on progressing. This film sheds a light on his life which has to go through various ups and downs because of cocaine abuse that results in the breakup of his marriage.


The Cincinnati Kid (1995) – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Warner Bros


This movie is truly a gambling classic movie of all times. Steve McQueen is cast here as an upcoming gambler while has dreamt of defeating Lancey Howard, a high-roller. Known as the Kid in the film, comes in everyone’s sight after he defeats many opponents in the low-roller games. This leads him to earn a reputation. From the backroom games, he decides to take a leap in the front of the house and learns to play with high-rollers.


Best Casino Movies


Casino (1995) – Universal Pictures


This movie has won the award and Joe Pesci can be seen as the Nicholas “Nicky” Santoro while Robert De Niro plays the role of Sam “Ace” Robinson. Ace gets a call by Italian mob for overseeing the Tangiers Casino operations in Las Vegas and on the other hand, Nicky does the job of ensuring that the mobsters are kept on track.


Casino Royale (2006) – Metro Goldwyn-Mayer/ Columbia Pictures


Casino Royale is the first movie of the famous Bond reboot continuity series that stars Daniel Craig as an M16 agent and that too the most dangerous in the world. Bond is assigned a job of bankrupting a terrorist financier named Le Chiffre. He has to do this job by defeating him in a poker game featuring high stakes.


The Gambler (2014) – Paramount Pictures


This movie tells the story of a literature professional named Jim Bennett who gets addicted to gambling. His role is played by the one and only Mark Wahlberg. After getting into this addiction, Jim gets into a huge debt as he gets defeated in a series of games. This movie rightly justifies the dark side of the world of gambling.


Watched any of them? If no, go and watch today.

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