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The Best ENDGAME viral video and Podcast Coverage Digest with Spoilers Attached

by James Murphy



AVENGERS ENDGAME is breaking all kinds of records (including most grown men crying in a Cinema!). We have summarised the best YouTube and other sources of commentary, debrief, consideration, promotion and review.


NB: Here be SPOILERS! So watch with caution. But it’s all very good, in any event, and one CAN watch a film even knowing what happens in advance and still enjoy it. The movie has provoked much thought and debate and will continue doing so, indefinitely. Why not join the conversation here and now? You’re welcome. ASSEMBLE! 😉 


The Cast Promoting The Movie:

NB: Contrary to every troll’s belief? Brie Larson is adorable and hence: LOVED by her co-stars and crew. Brie tends to be taken on mostly by anonymous trolls on twitter: Because she’d floor them in person with one look. She has more class, style, brains, decency, talent and beauty in her little finger than her opponents have in their miserable being. Don Cheadle NEVER dissed her btw. He’s what one might call a..gentleman? Maybe READ his excellent tweets (they read like a potted law/politics/civics school!).



I know I called John ‘pompous and officious’ (he is) but take that as a tribute to his professionalism. In a saturated sea of YouTube videos and podcasts? His is a most dedicated and polished product. Put it this way: I set out to watch ENDGAME just as John’s spoiler discussion show was kicking off. When I got back? It was STILL running. And then I did the Kitchen and it was STILL running. FIVE HOURS! A true ‘marvel’. Bless you, John.




The usual mix of commercial /legal insight married to genuinely free discussion of major film franchises and their social politics. This one is a bit looser than the usual discipline of set, edited panoramic overview. But still insightful fun.





Great to see the lovely Perri Nemiroff promoted to an higher profile on this channel. Think Sandra Bullock, circa SPEED. A Campea protégé, the lady has heart and soul and warmth and wit, via an endearingly almost childlike curiosity and idealism. So it’s interesting that Perri is among the few noting that ENDGAME is great but also rather dark /dour and genuinely scary in places. Not just me, so!




It’s like sitting down with your best mates down the Pub. But with added movie insight and a genuinely objective, critical perspective. It’s a channel that has grown rapidly so definitely one to watch!



Given how freely ENDGAME mixes tones and themes? And considering the ‘Plinkett‘ contempt for such experimentation in the STAR WARS canon? I am VERY surprised by quite how serious, considered and generous these guys are in their review. Perhaps they are trolling us and punishing the Internet for copying them so much? Or the movie is just THAT great..I tend to listen to this team; for all the goofing around: they really DO know their craft and the business of good film-making.



Kev had his own brush with mortality (heart attack) and that sense of the value of life shines through here. Does he swear, gratuitously and inanely? FUCK. YES! Does he basically just tell a linear story of what happens? Sure! But there is his appeal: sentiment meets insight via encyclopedic comic book and movie knowledge. He is in great shape now and as charismatic a screen presence as ever. Just great to have him around as he reminds us of the sheer joy of being alive and human, even with the bittersweet pain and tears that come with the territory. Thank you, Mr Smith!


I sometimes envy YouTube channels and their hits but in this case it’s deserved and hard won, high quality WORK in every video. Potted histories of comic book stories and associated media that are every bit as entertaining as the movies themselves on occasion.



An entertaining overview of the ‘Easter Eggs’ in ENDGAME. Worth a watch!




STILL the definitive movie retrospective series each week. And a review that is every bit as fun and thought provoking as the film itself. Listen: HERE



ANYTHING WE MISSED OUT? WANT TO PLUG YOUR OWN CHANNEL HERE? LET US KNOW! Happy Listening/Watching, meantime. We love you, 3000! 





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