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Just in Time (and Space?) for #MAY4TH: We Might Just have found you the Next STAR WARS? SKY FIGHTER is a name to Look to the Stars for..

by James Murphy



Star Wars is magnificent. We all know that! Han and Leia is always my way in: ‘I Love you’ / ‘I Know’.  And countless other magical moments we have gone into before (Yoda teaching the force; Luke and the Binary Suns; ‘I AM YOUR FATHER!’; Jabba’s Palace; Yub-Nub; Pod Race, Double blade light sabre fight..and so on..). But as Disney shifts its focus more to television? We must look to the next big sci-fi phenomenon on the big screen. It’s not enough to accept the merely acquired IPs of old. Look wider, bigger, outside the box. Go VIRAL! Look to social media, film festivals. And in that very spirit? Sure enough, I found a new Star Wars. 


SKY FIGHTER has ‘it’. I cannot quite articulate what ‘it’ is, but Robert Meyer Burnett describes it as : ‘completed, crowd-funded, original science fiction, proof of concept short film, inspired by his feature length screenplay. Loved editing this project. All rights are currently available and we hope to begin work on the feature shortly..’.

I loved it. What is the Star Wars connection? Well..

  • Comes from nowhere: has been quietly teased on Twitter by the likes of Robert Meyer Burnett and Lukas Kendall. Robert gave the movie and edit; Lukas is on writer and producer duties. A very nice, talented man!
  • Innovates in production, development, publicity.
  • Creating hype from ground up: soon to be seen at film festivals, after which, hopefully, a wider release and possible remake/longer run time/bigger budget follow (see also: El Mariachi which became Desperado in the 90s).
  • Works within its limitations and transcends them! The effects, pacing, atmospherics all feel like a Hollywood product but on a sensibly managed scale.
  • There is a knowing sense of fun and tribute to past genre blends but never so on the nose that it becomes a parody/spoof.
  • Lots of young, new faces on board, all of whom have a solid screen presence.
  • An engaging visual style of its own from start to finish.
  • If that sounds familiar? It’s because those exact qualities are what built the STAR WARS brand!
  • Join the community here!
  • Watch the Trailer

‘We  will watch your career with GREAT interest’! SKY FIGHTER is being prepped for festivals now; more news/interviews soon, we hope. Watch this..space? 🙂 

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is released in December and will be reviewed then. 

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (And also with you). 


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