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Arnie kicks GAS! Tom Holland is a BADASS! Bond 25 finally gets a PASS! It’s VIRAL TIME!

by James Murphy

Another Week: Another spate of truly ‘viral’ content. Catch up and Digest HERE in time for the weekend! 



Arnold Takes on da Fozzil Fuels and promotes Za Electric Cars! In disguise!

This is comedy gold! It also has an important environmental message. Arnold always championed environmental causes, just as passionately as he fights gerrymandering. Indeed, his governorship saw a major drive for ‘paperless’ schools. It’s a far cry from his own gas guzzling days and that time when he was asked about his environmental policy, to which he simply said ‘DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT!’. It’s admirable and it’s educative and it’s entertaining, reminding one of why this guy is a star and had just as perfect comedic credentials as he did very big muscles and onscreen menace / presence. Thanks, Arnie. Bodes well for Dark Fate..




Tom Holland Swots Some Stupid Stampeding Autograph Hunters

Yes, we all love meeting a movie star. Yes, an autograph is a prized and precious thing. No: you are not ‘owed’ anything by any celebrity, be they A or Z list. And it’s certainly not worth dying or accidentally killing for a glimpse of the star name du jour. So it was a genuine pleasure to witness SPIDERMAN’s TOM HOLLAND come to the rescue of a poor girl who was almost crushed in the race to meet the boy and get his signature. There is no prima donna pup behaviour here; he does sign but makes his limits VERY clear.

Critically: the guy might just have saved a life or two in the process. This coincides with the universally acclaimed FAR FROM HOME being released. I do not usually like younger stars (a mix of envy plus genuine indignation at the dropping of the bar on what constitutes a leading man). But Holland has charm, a great work ethic, a solid talent and presence and above all, clearly, a sense of pragmatic decency that is far beyond his still relatively young twenty something shoulders. Bravo! Tony Stark would be proud.




The previous 2 films were awful (even with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore aboard and Demi in the second and the Bill Murray cameo in the first).

This? Looks even worse. A poor woman’s fast/furious (which itself now is a poor man’s Mission:Impossible (itself an ersatz James Bond?).

It’s not sexy or funny or thrilling.Anyway..judge for yourself.

ps: Memo to movies: STOP using tech mcguffins that are tech based and PLEASE, everyone, STOP sating ‘weaponised’. It’s like ‘impacted’: was once a novel riff on language..now just lazy grammar 😉






Ok so yes there have been some set troubles. Daniel Craig busted his ankle (then struck back, big time, via intensive work outs and his own dedication). Some right dirty bastard pervert hooked up a camera in the girls’ toilets. There was a potential scheduling conflict (now resolved). Ok they STILL do not have a TITLE (and no, it CANNOT be A Reason to Die: I still want Under the Queen’s Peace). Tell you what they HAVE started doing, though? VIRAL CONTENT! As in teasers for teasers; on set footage and a taste of what is to come, involving the fans on the journey without giving it all away too soon.

We have now seen the cars and M’s office. This week showed us Jamaica: it has a feel of Licence to Kill, Dr No, Live and Let Die and Thunderball. This screams classic Bond, whilst allowing for a blending into other aesthetic signatures and atmospheric styles during the course of the adventure without jarring too much. I told you Bond is at his best with back to the wall..




VIN DIESEL..Hits the..Diesel? Or is it the Gas?

Whatever about Arnold and 007 using electric cars..It’s safe to say that FAST AND FURIOUS 9 might have some petrol headed moments. And that’s fine: it’s part of the FUN! And, whilst one could argue that Statham and Dwayne’s spin off risks upstaging its parent franchise this summer..there is no doubting how great it is to see Vin and the full gang preparing to burn rubber and kick ass once more..






A week of special birthdays and a promotional appearance by one of the goddesses! Happy Birthdays: Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep (currently sharing the screen in season 2 of BIG LITTLE LIES). Gwyneth Paltrow was out on the interview trail for her own projects though seemed to have forgotten how traumatic a major spoiler for ENDGAME could be..but then, this is the same adorable girl who did not remember that she had a cameo in SPIDER-MAN:HOMECOMING! A Trio of beautiful muses: inspirational women, one and all. Why has nobody put them in a movie together?

All amazing talents. Meryl probably the greatest actress of all time; Nicole shaping up to succeed her in that title in time and Gwynnie a genuinely guiding light onscreen and in her own ‘Goop‘ endeavours. I love you 3!

Throw in the sublime Sienna Miller and the exquisite Naomi Watts..and you have the REAL ideal Charlie’s Angels/Murphy’s Muses! 🙂



Have an Excellent weekend, one and all! 🙂 x


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