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GHOSTS! DINOSAURS! BRIDESMAIDS! Whose slot do you want to fill?

by James Murphy

The Lure of Big Screen Casino Games



Movies are a huge part of our social culture, from budget flicks to blockbusters that cost millions to make; there is something magical about being able to escape into a different world for a while. Casino games are marketed to appeal to a wide range of players, and therefore they have lots of different themes. Film buffs will be delighted to know that there is a range of slots games that feature some of the best movies of all time, and potsofgold.com shares a few to get you in the mood to play.


Jurassic Park Slots


When it was released in 1993, the dinosaur flight of fantasy featured state of the art graphics and visual effects, and it came with a memorable soundtrack that still sends tingles down the spine. While our use of special effects might have moved on the film is still incredibly popular, and the Jurassic Park slot from Microgaming is a real winner. With equally stunning images featuring many iconic stills from the film, there is plenty of action in this five real slot. All of the main characters have their own spot on the five reels, and there are many bonus games and free spin triggers that ensure plenty of spins for your wager. The game uses the realistic Parallax scrolling, and the game is described as immersive and true to screen.


Bridesmaids Slots


A chick flick with comedy value, this 2011 release was a masterpiece in one-liners and onscreen laughs along with a sweet story to appeal to the true romantics. The three big names of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Ellie Kemper lead the audience through the somewhat trashed and dysfunctional bridal party with hilarious consequences. They make another appearance on the five reels, and there are several extra features waiting to be discovered, including cupcake boosters which increase your multipliers. There are also Magic Moments and Boutique bonus games, and Flying High and Friendship free spins. The background is garishly pink, but it totally works, so whether you are the bride or always the bridesmaid you will love this comedy romance slot game.


Ghostbusters Slots


If there is something strange in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call? Well, that could apply to many things these days, but if you suspected you had spooks and spirits causing trouble then, of course, you would have called on Ghostbusters. This iconic 80’s romp featured the huge Stay Put Marshmallow Man and the annoying if endearing Slimer who was on the side of good. This slot game is a stunning replica of the film and features symbols like the guns and traps, as well as the Ghostbusters themselves Lots of action and plenty to do including two bonus games and four mystery features. Join Ray, Peter, Egon and Louis as they battle to save the city from rouge spectres trapped in the wrong world, and of course, save the girl, played in the film by massive star Sigourney Weaver.




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