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For ENGLAND! For St George! For HARRY! Movies to Cheer our very own Prince Hal!

by James Murphy

Prince Harry is Having a Bit of a Rubbish Time. He Needs TLC, MAYBE a bit of Counselling, a Hug..and some great MOVIES!



I like Prince Henry /Harry Wales/Windsor/Sussex. I admire him. He’s fun. He’s a fighter. The kid literally risked his life and limb for THIS country. FLEW actual Apache Helicopters in a war zone. Married a really FIT, hottie actress! This dude is the ultimate male fantasy, made real. There was even some childhood trauma, never whinged about it. Bit like James Bond /Batman! So it takes a LOT for him to be crying in public.

End of the Monarchy? No. Course not. We NEED a Royal brand, for tourism, for the sense of continuity and comfort in tradition. And whilst this particular Royal family is not necessarily the only Royal line we have (Stuarts: just as good, if not better?), it’s the one we have, for now. Harry is a credit to them. The Invictus Games are a particular marvel: fun, inspirational, compassionate, educative. And that’s just for starters!

So give him a break, extended leave. Some time to reflect. And offer him more rough and ready, down and dirty projects that suit his field expertise. This is not a guy one goes to seeking polished philosophical prose or magic media marketing of the Royal brand. He leads best by example: getting on with something he does very well and using that as a platform to altruism. This is not a re-play of the ‘let them eat cake’ complacency catalyst to the French Revolution. Though yes, if one antagonises the Press, their wrath becomes a self fulfilling, self destructive /defeating prophecy of doom. Stop it, Harry!

BUT: He’s a young man, new Dad, who has bottled stuff up and it’s all come to the surface. He’s human. Yes, it needs stage management and a bit of spin / image and damage control. But he must also be ALLOWED to FEEL. Provided, of course, that he bounces back and looks happy doing what he does best again soon. This Duke is an ASSET to the Royal Family AND to Britain, as brands, worldwide. A good role model for boys, too! 

Meantime..to help Harry in transition, a few appropriately themed movies.


Notting Hill

Yes there are some filler scenes, not much plot and a few lazy one liners that do not work. It also has a montage set to a song of sorts that I believe is Ronan Keating’s work. But then, no film is perfect. This is a meditation on media morality or lack of it; the notion that one is public property simply by virtue of fame. How do you come out on top amidst all that? You gravitate to a strong and loving community and embrace the aesthetic beauty of London at its very best. Hilarious, romantic, moving. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts at their best and solid supporting cast, too. And THAT version of ‘She’ by Elvis Costello is, as a Richard Curtis character line might put it..’excellent’.


Abs. Beard. Royal Blood. Good in a fight.  A struggle to define his identity vs expectations and impossible standards to reach. Ice giants! BEER! Fit girls. Constant comparison to one’s brother. Sound familiar? Above all, it’s a FUN film with simple morality and an optimistic yet operatic vibe. And Chris Hemsworth is cool. GOD OF THUNDER = DUKE OF SUSSEX?


Harry LOVED to PARTY! It’s why we LOVE him! This movie is like watching a party you just don’t have time to attend in person. Everything that can go wrong, does. But it’s hilarious along the way, not so much laugh a minute as laugh per SECOND kind of fun.


The Olivier version (Branagh is on this list already; don’t give him a swelled head). Sir Larry made this movie against all odds; fuelled by a spirit of pure patriotic pride and endeavour. It shows in this truly epic, timeless vision that is a call to arms for all you few and lucky types laying thine eyes upon it. It also rubs off on one, wot. Beautiful Cinema.


Something for the Brits. Something for the Americans. And a promise of mutual adventure in the fight against the evils of drugs.  Also lots of imagery of crown and country and some credibly cool branding. Bit rude and inappropriate in places but redeemed, ultimately, by the surprising innocence and simplicity of its closing moral motifs.


A veteran hero rebuilds himself after a setback; discovers a new role and duty and manages to preserve a beautiful partnership with a new wife in waiting, against the odds. Need I say more?


Not all newspapers or journalists belong to the baddies. This is proof that one can be a crusading reporter, an investigator, a team and a force for good whilst retaining ultimate objectivity and respecting a chain of command.


Saving a Princess from an evil Empire? A spirit of rebellion? Being made custodian for old tradition yet entrusted with their reinvention? Having to choose a side, help the oppressed and get involved when you are just as happy on the fringes / in the trenches?  Popular Blockbuster popcorn munching, generation defining FUN. But with a message attached. ALL of those qualities should appeal to Harry and remind him of his own talents and destiny as a leader. He just needs to re-discover the Force.


GOD SAVE THE DUKE! He’s a great bloke. 

JAMES MURPHY is happy to receive a Knighthood.









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