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Snoke Skywalker? Go on. Those Theories must still be out there and Valid, no?

by James Murphy

Rise of Skywalker looks, suspiciously, like the Rise of Emperor Palpatine, instead? That reminds me: Luke and Snoke..whatever happened? 


So, you all know my view on that trailer. I hated it. As did many. But I’m as thrilled as anyone to see that Ian McDiarmid is back now, officially, as some sort of resurrected Palpatine. Quite how that happens? We shall see. Quite WHY? Well, perhaps JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, George Lucas and Disney had a big plan. Or maybe not. With Snoke (the supposedly new big bad?) killed off in The Last Jedi, it makes nostalgic, commercial and logical sense to pull out an old name to tie up loose ends, answer new questions and yes, ‘bridge’ the saga together.

I still think it’s messy, though. And also, in a way, confirmation that there was never anything truly ‘new’ about this ‘new’ trilogy. If Palpatine were indeed, pulling baddie strings, all along? Don’t all the fans feel a bit thick for having speculated over the identity of Snoke, all that time, across all those You Tube vids and message board /chat room exchanges?

Well, yes. But also..no. All is not lost. Remember, this film is NOT OUT YET!! And even if one reads ‘leaks’, those might not be accurate and content might be subject to change. Above all, the people making these movies are not totally stupid. Mini ret-cons via even the quickest of dialogue fixes..could provide an Empire Strikes Back level twist AND repair any lost good will from the previous movie’s surprises AND explain the back story / deployment of actors and characters AND, set up a WEALTH of prequel /comic book/video game etc material.

Here’s how.



Consider the evidence:

  • Star Wars is basically a soap opera in space: ‘space opera’. This is PRECISELY the kind of twist they have in soap sagas. 
  • HOW did Snoke cast such rapid influence in the lives of Luke, Leia, Han, Kylo? Because he was there, already. He was Luke! Note how casual they all are ‘it was Snoke’.
  • WHY did Luke even CONSIDER striking down his own nephew? Coz he had some dark energy in him: Snoke!


  • WHAT caused Luke to need to COMPLETELY cut himself off from the force? Because his strength was so great, it expelled its own dark side and personified it as..Snoke!
  • WHEN did the Jedi /victory at Endor et al become mere legends? When their legacy was tainted by revelation: that Vader was Luke and Leia’s Dad and that Luke had a Mr Hyde side he could no longer contain, an entirely separate outer ego baddie ‘id’: Snoke!


  • Luke S = Snoke? Well it’s a KIND of anagram, innit?
  • Luke DID take a walk on the dark side before; he certainly tapped its energy in his costume / sabre building / guerilla war insurgent tactics and final battle against Vader.
  • Snoke’s body is damaged: perhaps the legacy of THAT lightening he endured from the Emperor? It just took a while to show /feel/separate?
  • Notice that Luke is able to return to confront Kylo and do the big force projection thing after Snoke is killed by Kylo. A Gnostic, dualism; death of evil body = triumphant return of the good, powerful spirit (remember, these movies play with mythology and religion).


  • Luke = King Arthur in space. Arthur went through a dark phase post Grail quest, a husk of his former self, until the final battle with Mordred (basically, Kylo) awakened him.
  • This allows us to deepen the Luke legend, without ever compromising his morality completely or losing the victories he’d won (a common criticism leftover from the previous films in this new trilogy).
  • Sets up a final big battle between Luke (notably absent, voiceover aside in the trailer) and Palpatine, with the dark power of his Snoke side fused to his light; so it is STILL Luke’s journey, his arc and that DOES conclude this ‘saga’ nicely whilst setting up more mythology for others to tap into..




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