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Vino de Filmo: Sample some vintage films and a Good Claret, Together (responsibly, of course!).

by James Murphy

Sparkling wine to drink while watching a movie and tips on how to save time for it as a student


Who doesn’t like having a good time? I know students can be overwhelmed by the school’s busy schedule, which has them doing a lot of assignments and studying for exams. The good news is that there are plenty of ways through which you can reduce such stress. I have combined a few tricks that will work in helping you relax while watching a movie. You will also get to know some of the wines that you can drink while watching a particular film. Therefore, while reading the article, think wine and movie.

Best sparkling wines by movie genres

Choosing a good sparkling wine for a certain movie is as hard as to choose cheap custom essay writing servicefor yourself. Below are some of the best wines to watch with particular movie genres


  • Action Comedies

Comedy movies turn out to be so fun because you end up laughing almost the entire movie period. Hence, you do not want something that will bring you a serious mood. Given that you will be having a perfect time, then it is apparent that you will have to refill your glass constantly. Comedies are one of the best movies to watch with wine because the fun gotten out of them is unexplainable. Some comedies are so well such that it will be unavoidable for you to laugh. If you have a bad mood, then this is the kind of movie to watch. For the best experience, top it up with the Exhibitionist Merlot.

  • Romantic

Romantic movies evoke the feeling of love. The chances are that by the end you are done watching the movie, tears will be running down your cheeks. Therefore, the best wine for these movies would be something that will distract your attention from the thoughts of the movie. I would suggest the Ciconia Tinto. It is a fine wine that will get you thinking about it with every sip.

  • Dramas

Dramas are other great movies to drink to. Such films have different settings. For instance, in the case where a movie has the 18th-century setting, then I would suggest that you during Port. Nothing else will help you better through Mr. Darcy’s breeches other than this wine. For a Dickensian film, then the Claret will work best. If you intend to watch the 1920s to 1930s movie, I would suggest that you take cocktails instead of wine.

  • Horror

These are known to be a scary genre of movies. Therefore, they require dark wines that will leave you gripping the chair after every sip. The Amarone wine will work best for such movies. It will put you in a situation of fear and excitement.



Well trusted movies and sparkling wines collaboration.

  • Top Gun

My friend Joseph Levitt who is working in essaywritingservice.ca, recommends the Claret for drama movies. Given that Top Gun is one of the 1980s famous drama movies, then such a wine would be an excellent choice for the viewer. The wine is relaxing, and this is all that you need while watching the scenes of this movie. It has various romantic scenes, which makes the wine, not a bad choice.

  • Man on the Wire

This is one of the best movies to drink wine while watching. The documentary illustrates the skill and concentration that was used in pulling off the world’s most daring acts. Therefore, you need to stay focused throughout the entire movie. Sauvignon Blanc is the best wine to go along with this movie. The wine will keep your palate focused. As a result, you will not end up bored or asleep in the middle of the movie. I know that many are cases whereby some find themselves having fallen asleep while watching an exciting movie. This wine will prevent you from doing so.

  • Jaws

All the Jaws movies are available on Netflix, and this means that it might take you a while before you go back to the beach. Hence, do not let that hinder you from watching the movie. The Cabernet Sauvignon will help you celebrate the love of dry land as you enjoy your movie. Make it a fun experience and appreciate that you are not situated in a boat in the middle of the ocean, under the hot sun. Some shade will be suitable for a break from the beaches.

How to save time for such beautiful relax

  • Be organized

If you intend to watch a movie, ensure that you have organized yourself into a comfortable place. You do not want to keep pausing the film to run errands. If you do so, the film might get boring hence being difficult for you to enjoy it as planned. As well, in the case where you are watching it with a friend, they might also get bored. Before you start watching it, it is best to have your wine in place and other necessities that you might want. Such would bring your mind into a state of relaxation hence making it easy for you to enjoy the movie.

  • take any help in studying

A relaxed mind is required while watching a movie. Imagine a situation where you think about an approaching or forgotten deadline in the middle of a movie. Therefore, it is necessary to get academic help to ensure that you have fewer study activities to worry about. There are plenty of pre written essays for salet hat you can use as examples while studying. Such an essay will make it easy for you to complete assignments on time. s

  • Do not spend your time on useless hobbies

If you intend to have the best relaxation moments, it is best if you focus on useful hobbies. Its essentials to involve yourself in a hobby that will have a positive impact on you. For instance, watching movies is not only entertaining but teaches moral lessons about life. As well, by watching a movie, you can end up expanding your thinking capacities. Therefore, always avoid useless hobbies that will only end up wasting your time.

Concisely, you are now aware of some of the wines and movies that you can use to relax. All that you need to know is choose an option that best fits your budget. Remember, watching a movie is a luxury, and therefore, you do not want to spend a lot of money and end up lacking some for basic needs. Set your priorities right, and you will be amazed by how much you enjoy your movie nights.



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