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Christmas might be Over. But the Season of Giving is All Year Round in Movie Land. Here’s what to Buy..

by James Murphy

Valentines! Birthdays! Easter! Anniversaries! There is ALWAYS  a reason to buy something for someone. 

So Here are some Top Movie Related Ideas..

7 Amazing Gifts For A Movie Enthusiast


Watching movies is fun for everyone, but some people really love them to the extreme. Heading to the theater or snuggling up at home for a flick is ultra-fun for movie enthusiasts.

Whether they prefer action, romance, or horror films, movie lovers would spend hours watching if they had the time.

Getting to know the different aspects of film creation is intriguing to movie enthusiasts. They want to see as many movies as they can to act as a critic of them all.

When it comes to gift-giving for a movie lover, there are so many fun ways to go aside from movie tickets, boxes of candy or theater gift cards.

Make them feel like they are a part of the film world with a gift that makes them smile. These seven gifts would be perfect for any movie enthusiast who watches them at home or in the theater.



  • A Movie Logbook


Any true movie lover would want to keep track of every film they’ve seen. They will want to remember the movie and what they liked about it, along with what wasn’t so great.

To keep their thoughts organized and thorough, you could give them a movie review logbook. It is a perfect way for movie lovers to keep track of everything they’ve seen and what they thought of it.

With dedicated areas for the director, cast, genre, setting, plot and even more, they can easily remember every detail. They can also take notes in the book as they watch then write their own review once it is over.

The logbook is small, so it is perfect for trips to the movie theater in addition to viewings at home. It can be held with ease or fit into any handbag.

Movie enthusiasts want to feel like true critics, and this book will put them into a critic’s shoes. They’ll never forget a thing they watched if they have this super helpful and handy gift.



  • A Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle


Having to get up during a movie is the absolute worst. You have to pause it on everyone else or miss parts of it if you are in the theater.

To keep a movie lover in their seat the whole time without having to take a break to grab a drink, a reusable Kool8 water bottle is a great thing to have.

The Kool8 water bottle is an awesome way to stay hydrated in style. Users can enjoy any beverage they love in this brightly colored, super-insulated bottle.

It is durable enough to be brought from movie theater to movie theater without having to worry about damaging it.

Kool8 is very practical for anyone who needs some motivation to drink more water. It is stylish and useful, making it perfect for a movie enthusiast that likes to stay in style.



  • A Preserved Real Rose in a Glass Dome


Movie-themed gifts might make a movie enthusiast’s day. There is no doubt they would get the reference and love that you thought about them when you found it.

No matter the movie genre they love the most, anything from a film they’ve undoubtedly seen would make them smile without a doubt.

In their article “29 Fabulous Gift Ideas for your 13th Wedding Anniversary”, Gift Wits mentions how perfect a real preserved rose would be as a gift straight from a Disney princess movie.

Any lover of the film world has to have an interest in the artistry involved in a Disney film like Beauty and the Beast. This classic gift from a classic film would be a perfect way to express love or friendship.

It will last for years if it is properly cared for, making it a gift that keeps giving for up to five long years.



  • Surround Sound Speaker System


The perfect environment is vital to the perfect movie experience. Theaters are ideal for sure, but sometimes it’s more fun to stay in your pajamas at home.

To really spoil your favorite movie enthusiast, a surround sound speaker system will take their watching experience to the next level. It will make viewers feel like they are in the world of the movie while they are actually snuggled up at home.

The high-quality sound system is a great way to perfect any home theater. They are compact so they can easily blend in with the decor of the room without losing any of the awesome sound effects.

Movie enthusiasts would love having theater-quality sounds at home, and this can help them achieve that goal.



  • CBD Oil Product


Watching movies is meant to be fun and relaxing. Any movie enthusiast knows that when there is too much on their mind, they just can’t enjoy the film like they normally would.

To help wind down and enjoy the movie more, a CBD product could be useful for a movie enthusiast. To find some of the best CBD products, check out this article by GiftWits.

CBD can help users feel more relaxed while also easing any aches and pains they may have and helping them sleep at night.

It can also help reduce cravings to keep avid movie watchers from snacking on too much popcorn or candy.

A movie enthusiast would for sure love to try a CBD product that could help make watching movies even more enjoyable.



  • A Ticket Shadow Box


Movie enthusiasts likely collect the ticket stubs from the movies they have seen in theaters. They might not have a creative way to store these mementos that they love.

You can help them keep all their tickets safe with a movie ticket shadow box. It can easily be placed on any shelf or hung up on the wall as a piece of room decoration.

They can turn some small tickets into eye-catching artwork by saving them in a shadow box. Visitors can see how many movies they’ve attended and they’ll have a nice keepsake to preserve their fond memories.



  • Microwave Safe Popcorn Popper


The movie enthusiasts that prefer to stay in to watch their favorite flick might love a new way to enjoy a popular movie snack. 

A colorful popcorn popper that can simply be placed in the microwave will allow them to pop their own popcorn!

Fresh, homemade popcorn is free of the unhealthy overload of salt and butter that most premade popcorn packs come with.

They can eat a little healthier and still enjoy the snacks and films they love within the comforts of home.


The perfect gift for your favorite movie enthusiast could be one of these creative ideas. Make them smile on their special day with something that they will truly love.


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