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Sod the Law: SMOKE DA DRAW! The Cinematic Charms of Mary-Joanna?

by James Murphy


SOME HOLLYWOOD FIGURES SMOKE WEED. HASH. WHACKY-BACKY. And they are still ok with it..We take a deep dive into the topic.

warning: you might get the munchies after reading..this is not an endorsement OF this lifestyle /medicinal choice; there are no libels here, either: no accusing certain actors of using the draw who have not been open / outed as doing so..

That said..let’s roll up and look at the facts..

Famous actors who love marijuana

If you pay attention to anything in pop culture, you’ve probably noticed the many references to marijuana in everything from song lyrics to movie scenes. Though marijuana remains illegal in most states, it has nonetheless become a prominent symbol within the entertainment industry. 

The use of marijuana (also referred to as weed or cannabis) among celebrities varies drastically. While weed is often seen as a symbol of rebellion or counterculture, seeing as it was once illegal (and still is illegal in most of the United States), it can also represent a lifestyle of fun and relaxation.

But the diversity of cannabis culture goes further back than modern disputes over its legalization or its role in counterculture movements. Marijuana also has ties to spirituality and mysticism. This is likely due to its psychoactive components as well as its use in ancient medicines and practices.

More commonly today, marijuana usage is both praised and condemned. Cannabis supporters see it as a euphoriant and deny many opponents’ view of weed as an abused drug, along the lines of other substances like cocaine and meth. 


Generally, negative perspectives on weed come from the worry that it’ll be a detriment to society, causing ineffectiveness and addiction, and even leading to consequences like death. Because cannabis can affect one’s mental state, these concerns may have some standing, since there have been many harmful incidents involving drug-use, generally. 

Some opponents have even suggested that marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’ that can lead to the use of harder drugs.

However, with its increased use in the public light, the attitudes towards weed are becoming more positive. It is perhaps no longer as revolutionary as it once was, particularly in the late 1900s, but cannabis is still a symbol of social change. 

Many people associate the legalization of cannabis with greater acceptance and awareness, especially since the political issue of marijuana had become more prevalent around the same time as other issues such as gender fluidity and sexual orientation.

Cannabis’s reputation is now more similar to that of alcohol use. While there are still dangers to any kind of inebriation, increased awareness and public knowledge about marijuana have granted it a more positive political standing. 

This change is reflected in marijuana’s media persona, which is primarily influenced by celebrity endorsement and usage. 

Before marijuana started gaining legality in the United States, few famous people defined the cannabis culture. For example, one of the most famous events involving marijuana usage and support came in 1969, with Woodstock, a music festival. 

Woodstock was known for its ‘hippie’ culture, which had become intertwined with marijuana usage. The music of the time also became heavily associated with cannabis, especially artists like the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Jimi Hendrix. 

Later on, marijuana continued to be a symbol of the entertainment business, specifically in the genres of rap and hip-hop. Some of the most popular artists that become synonymous with weed included Snoop Dogg.

As the entertainment industry evolved, so did cannabis culture. While weed was once mostly associated with music, it became more involved within film culture and television as well.

The diversity of cannabis support among celebrities is especially highlighted by the partnership and friendship of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, who have both shown support for marijuana use. Together they starred in the cooking show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge. 

Another example of celebrity endorsement includes Gwyneth Paltrow, most famous for her role in the Iron Man films. But beyond her acting career, Paltrow is also known for being in the business of wellness. With her wellness and lifestyle brand, Goop, Paltrow has offered many CBD products, which are related to marijuana.

Though CBD, or cannabidiol, is not marijuana, because CBD is a component of marijuana, it had previously been subjected to the same political and legal standing. Nowadays, CBD is legal on the federal level, unlike cannabis. 

Marijuana, while known for its high, is also used medicinally. Its medical use is primarily to address things like pain, depression, and anxiety. 

The chemical within marijuana that is most responsible for these healing effects is CBD. According to Daily CBD Mag, CBD is most commonly used in the form of oils and tinctures. These products are taken into the body through sublingual ingestion.

So, if you’re interested in the potential benefits of medical marijuana, but aren’t interested in consuming marijuana itself, CBD is a great way to go. Other actors like Jennifer Aniston and even Kim Kardashian are known for being CBD supporters.

But before you use it, you should look into different CBD products and consumption methods. According to CBD Kyro, how you take in CBD is a factor that will influence how it affects your body. Other factors such as CBD potency and your metabolic rate will also be important to consider. 

But aside from CBD, the increasing mainstream popularity of cannabis has transformed the marijuana industry itself. While many famous actors are known for being proponents of marijuana, celebrity branding might be one of the most influential methods in the cannabis industry. 

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have given marijuana a new face – one that’s more mainstream-friendly. For example, even though Rihanna is a cannabis supporter, it hasn’t hurt her other endorsements, particularly branding deals with companies like Chanel and Vita Coco. Just 30 years ago, this probably would not have been the case, since big brands wouldn’t have wanted to be associated with marijuana, because it was then seen as a taboo. 

But the support for marijuana doesn’t end there. The Rolling Stones featured an article of 50 successful marijuana enthusiasts that covers a range of famous people, from actors to writers and musicians. A couple of surprises include Carl Sagan, the astrophysicist known for his space-themed television shows and movies, as well as Bill Gates, Cameron Diaz, Anna Faris, and ice cream kings, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, of Ben and Jerry. 

As seen through the lens of the media and the entertainment business, the popularity of marijuana has increased drastically. Not only has it become legal in some states, but marijuana’s symbolism within pop culture has vastly expanded, revamping its reputation. 



18 May 2023

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