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As Fast 9 Reveals its Trailer Soon: we View it in the context of its place in the 2020 crowd of Great Movies, Coming your way!

by James Murphy

Movies To Watch Out For 2020


As the calendar changes its year, people are very excited for things in store for them in the year 2020. Changing careers, getting married, finding true love, moving to a new home, going on holidays, playing favourite slots in online casinos or Casino Sister Site are some of the things that people are busy planning and thinking about as they welcome the new year. But apart from these, waiting for the next flicks to show on the big screen is what makes people very excited about 2020.

Watching movies is a great way to relax and leave the real world behind. It can bring you to a different dimension, feel the romance, laugh, cry and a lot of other emotions. Some are sci-fi, others are dramatic, romantic, funny and more. Apart from the story-line, choosing a film to watch may also consider the actors playing the role. Going to the movie house has been a tradition for families, friends, lovers and even soloists.

Year 2020 will never be boring as there are so many films that are about to be released and be seen by moviegoers.

Nice movies to watch this year

There are so many movies to watch out for this year, they come in different contents and story-lines, played by famous, rising and not so famous characters. Just to excite the moviegoers even more, here is a list of the most awaited films this 2020.


The movie is based on a successful comic series, “Valiant Comics”. Showing on February 21, expect a superhero movie you have never seen before. Lead by the famous Fast and the Furious main character, Vin Diesel, the movie is about a soldier who was resurrected from the dead using nanotechnology to save the world. His “Harbingers” power will definitely put you to awe.

The Invisible Man

This horror flick is showing on February 28, starring Oliver Jackson Cohen and Elisabeth Moss. Although the actual storyline, apart from a scientist creating a formula that made him invisible, is about to be released, expect that this will be one heck of a great movie, as it is produced by Universal studios.

A quiet place 2 – March 20

Remember the movie that made the hearts of many pump fast last 2018? Now, the movie is back on the big screen this time focusing on different families. The fame of the 2018 movie was never expected to be the same as with its second part. Get ready for a hair raising experience in the movie house while watching A quiet place 2.

Mulan – March 27

Finally the famous action cartoon epic Mulan has come to life. This, without a doubt, is a dream for many as Mulan has captured many hearts of moviegoers. Expect fight scenes and some comedy as you watch this on the big screen.

Fast and Furious 9

Talking about fast cars, real action and camaraderie, finally Fast and Furious 9 will be shown on the big screen this May 22. From first to the eight, moviegoers were never disappointed and expected the same on the 9th as new and some old characters of the movie will come back.


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