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The Write Stuff? Using Movies to Inspire your Authorial Craft

by James Murphy

How TV And Movies Can Make You A Better Writer


Any writer knows that writing is not a job it is a calling. If you are born a writer you can’t help it but write. You either write or think about writing or struggle in attempts to write but this is all you can think about most of the time. I get it. I am just like you. This is why I know that sometimes we all get exhausted of the constant pursuit of a good story and just need to unwind. What is a better way to unwind than watching a movie? But what if I tell you that watching movies and TV can actually be a great way for you to grow as a writer? Yes, there is! Read how and thank me later!


Learn from it

Be open to learning with every possibility you can get. Yes, they say a writer who doesn’t read can’t write. But the same can be said about movies. TV and movies are no less important for your creative development. They can be a great source of inspiration, lessons, writing rules and much more. You can watch great tv shows about writing or just any well-written movies. Just don’t watch them as a regular person. Watch them as a writer! Observe, Analyze, predict, think what you could make differently, notice the mistakes and pay attention to strong moments. They will help you grow as a writer.


Overcome writer’s block

Writer’s block is a much more common thing than the one might think. It happens all the time even to the best (and most productive) of us. There is no ‘one size fit all’ solution I can recommend, but my way out of it is simple. What works for me is a good movie or show. Something I can be emotionally involved. Something to wake up the feelings of anxiety, passion, happiness, and silly sentiments. They will defeat your writer’s block in less than two hours! And if it still hasn’t happened and you are in urgent need to write your assignment, just ask a reliable service “can you write an essay for me” and you will get the help you need. We all need to rest sometimes.


Look for inspiration

We all need some help sometimes. As writers, we actually should take any help we can get. Never lose an opportunity that comes to your way to look for tips, clues, inspiration, and motivation to write. Movies are a great example of that. Do you know how many movies for writers there are? Tons! Just search for them! They can motivate you at the time you feel blue or have doubts in yourself. They can show that you are not alone in what you feeling. They are there to inspire you, use it!


Take notes

The TV is actually having its moment now. It is going strong, offering great shows and movies that draw all kinds of professionals, from screenwriters to cameramen. They make good products and it is up to you if you want to notice and observe their efforts. Take notes of what you see, like or dislike, it will help you in your future work.


Observe life through TV

Of course, writers need to be social creatures at least time by time. A good writer needs to know people to write about them. Though not all writers are extroverts, we get it. In fact, most of us prefer staying at home in a cozy blanket with some series on rather than going out. Here’s where a TV can come in handy. It is the best (and laziest, let’s be honest) way to observe different behaviours and characters. It is also a great way to analyze people’s actions without getting personally involved. I can ensure you, people who are writing movies are doing the exact same thing.



We hope this article has convinced you of the importance of watching movies. Writing is certainly a talent you are born with but it is also a skill you need to develop all your life. To work on your writing skills you need any help you can get. This includes books, movies, TV and any other sources for inspiration available to you. Besides, isn’t watching a movie a great way to learn? So what are you waiting for? Invite some friends, get the popcorn and pick a movie. Your writing class is about to start.



Sandra Larson is a freelance journalist and a published author. Sandra writes about women and their lives, hobbies, and friends. She is a women rights activist and a founder of a local women book club. Sandra also volunteers to read to children in a local hospital every other weekend.







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