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THE HEAT IS ON IN SAIGON! Theatre Viral Explores a most Cinematic Musical Production..

by James Murphy

Miss Saigon Review: A Spectacular Production Through and Through



As most of you may know, Miss Saigon is on US Tour right now and it made a stop at Kentucky’s Whitney Hall at The Kentucky Center. I was luckily among the crowd for West End’s smash hits’ Broadway show. The show continues there till 16 of February and I encourage you to buy the available Miss Saigon Tickets. This one, although a revival, is a fantastic show you don’t want to miss.

I was so inspired by this Madame Butterfly themed musical that I decided to pen down my experience. So here goes nothing, all the expressions, and vibes that I got from Miss Saigon at Whitney Hall at The Kentucky Center.

First: A Tantalizing Story

The story is set against the times of the Vietnam War during the 1970s. It tells the tale of a 17-year-old girl Kim who suffers tragedies one right after another. She loses her parents at an early age to war and all its chaotics. Had to live a life of a bargirl under the sleazy eyes of Engineer the corrupted bar owner. Then she meets Chris, an American Army G.I. who has sworn off love. Both uncontrollably drawn to one another fall in love and pledge their lives together. But just when the things were looking up the curse of the war sets in once more and separates them both.

Separated in time and distance both continue their lives. Chris in arms of his new all-American wife, Ellen recalling Kim and all those times spent together. On the other side, Kim is with her and Chris’s son, 2-year-old Tam, hiding from the horrors of the outside. They reunite in Bangkok only to meet their tragic end. Kim heartbroken on knowing Chris’s marriage to Ellen, shots a gun at herself. She dies in Chris’s arms leaving little Tam in his care.

A story with no compare Miss Saigon is a true overflow of love, war, and fate. Unfortunately, the wrong character meets their end soon while the corrupt and vile ones live on. But it won’t be a tragic love story if it to be provided a fairy-tale ending.


Second: An Immense of Talent

It’s true that the constant flow of the story is essential in the musical. If you can’t get that going for you the musical is not a blockbuster but a miserable fail. However, Miss Saigon with its impeccable storyline owned elite performers like Emily Bautista. She as Kim has the commanding persona, beautifully delivering a mix of defencelessness and supremacy. The tone she possessed was outrageously laced with prowess reaching the high roofs of the theatre.

That takes us to her partner and equally talented performer Anthony Festa who played Chris in the musical. Chris’s character is full of complexities where we find it hard to decide whether to empathize or pity him. While Festa did a wonderful job as the main lead, he failed to earn the sympathies.

Red Concepcion’s performance as the shady Engineer also gathered loads of praises. Nonetheless, the character couldn’t provide much comic relief in this heavy romance filled dramatic musical. While at the same time young actor Tyler Dunn playing the role 3-year-old Tam nearly stole the show with his high-level cuteness.

Third: Creativity Saved the Day

Despite the production recommending an audience of 12 and up I dare to disagree. The show is typically filled with R-rated content. From wars, blood, adult language, sexual references to human trafficking, prostitution, drugs and even violence. Not to mention Freaky Friday Chicago, the depiction of suicide by the end of the story. I don’t believe there is anything left for the kids or even teens to see in this musical.

Nonetheless, it may be not for the younger generation it is sure must see for the adults. And despite all the tragedy and R-rated stuff, what saved the day, in the end, was the show’s explicit creativities. It delivers what a successful production does, a spectacular visual presentation, a winning ensemble and tons of spiralling vocal performances. They are the winds that safely carried the show to the thumbs-up standards.

The production is seriously unlike any other. Especially the sets are magnificent, it would justify saying that you will be overwhelmed with the sets alone that you’ll see the worth of the price.



A great follow-up from Les Miserables’ creators, Miss Saigon was well received on Broadway. As it was received on the West End in the 1990s. After gaining acclaim from both UK and USA audiences, the mind-blowing cast of a mind-blowing show is now on its US Tour.



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