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Everyone is a Critic Today. But Here is How You get to be a GOOD one!

by James Murphy


Imagine being the next Roger Ebert? Fancy the idea? If so, then you need to view the latest art house flick or blockbuster, and let your colleagues and the entire world at large know what you think of it!  However, what exactly goes into writing a perfect movie review? Well. This post is here to help guide you on how to write a movie review.

Well, movie reviews are significantly essential to the entire film industry. Many individuals decide whether or not to check out a film based on its reviews-the offer the film’s image. A perfect film review evaluates what a movie does as a medium, which makes it a worthwhile watch. Ideally, you can discuss the clever editing, quality sound design, punchy dialogue, as well as how a film handles various issues.

As such, understanding how to talk about films in a captivating manner effectively determines how your audience will approach the movie. So, how do you write a perfect movie review? Here are 5 top tips for writing the perfect movie review.

1. Watch the Movie and Take Notes

Yes! When we talk about watching the movie you plan to review; then we really mean exactly that…watch it! No whispering, No popcorn, just your eyes glued to your screen.  Typically, it would be best if you saw the movie more than once before you review it (although it may not always be possible).


Moreover, you might also want to jot down some notes to use them when writing your movie review. However, you must do this on paper, avoid illuminated screens! Finally, it is also much better to save the note-taking process for your second movie viewing since you may miss something in your first watch if you are busy writing down notes.


  1. Express your opinions and conclusively support your criticism.

Allowing your audience to know what you thought of the movie, is, of course, a significant part of the reviewing it. Professional reviewers usually don’t fall back from informing their readers what they think of the movie-is it indifferent, bad, or good. Your readers will often rely on the various reviewers whose distinct tastes reflect theirs when choosing whether to spend their money or time or not.

What’s more, to write a great movie review, most professional reviewers suggest watching the movies a few times, since it helps them better express how and why they came to their opinion.

Ensure that you conclusively back up your notions of the movies with specifics-a bizarre plot, a substandard performance, beautiful cinematography, and so much more. While at it, you may even use a star or score rating, giving a summary of your general opinion of the film.

  1. Consider who your readers are

Who is the target of your movie review? Are you doing it for a news outlet, a fan site, or even a magazine? Ideally, knowing your target audience can assist you in ultimately deciding the particular elements of the movie you should highlight. You must also adjust your writing style to suit the publication.

Primarily, who you are writing the review for will have a significant impact on how you ultimately write.  Similarly, and more importantly, it would help if you thought of how much your audience already know concerning cinematic history and techniques.

For instance, writing that a scene ‘evokes memoirs of Romeo’s approach to unconditional love, manipulating the viewers by contrasting images of love and death’ would be great, but only if your audience is conversant with cinematic theory) such as professionals or film graduates).

  1. Read, Read, Read

Just like with any other form of writing, you need to read review works of other reviewers. Reading numerous reviews will help you learn the art of writing movie reviews.

Identify your favorite movie reviewers whose distinct writing styles appeal to you and keep tabs with their works.  If you really liked a particular movie, check how various other movie reviewers have depicted it, and whether they have identified the same aspects as you have. If not, try to understand why.

Typically, writing a great movie review is not as easy as it sounds-it takes effort and time to adjust to a given vocabulary and style effectively, and also to develop your unique voice. However, as the saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect! As such, you can surely get better by practicing your writing, besides the other tips mentioned above.

  1. Spoiler Alert!

Last, and arguably the more critical tip, avoid spoilers at all costs. Usually, revealing a significant part of the movie’s plot will annoy both filmmakers and readers-only describe the various parts of the film plot you necessary but making sure you know where to draw your line.  However, there is an exception for this rule, especially when it comes to previously released movies-although it would be prudent to advise your readers to jump to the next paragraph if they don’t want to read a particular aspect of the movie.


In the end, whether you are a filmmaker, actor, or film geek, writing movie reviews can assist you to hone your critical thinking ability, as well as watch movies with a distinctive response that is much more than ‘this movie, was fantastic!’. If you are thinking of writing a movie review, these five tips will help you in writing a perfect movie review with ease!

Happy writing!


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