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Gamble on These Movies being Entertaining and Thrilling Must Sees!

by James Murphy

3 Unique Gambling Movie Masterpieces


Many films depict the thrill and glamour of gambling. The best gambling movies allow everyone to feel the rush of a real-life casino experience.


The heart-pounding action as the ball lands or as the final card flips – one can picture themselves in Las Vegas without having to leave the comfort of their home.


Here is a list of three of the top gambling movies everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.

The Cooler (2003)

Lousy luck is something everyone can relate to, and it’s the cornerstone of this original motion picture, directed by Wayne Kramer.


William H. Macy portrays a character who’s down on his luck. He lands a job at a casino, where he’s employed to tilt the odds in the houses’ favour.


With a turn of events, his fortune seems to change. He becomes a lucky charm for other players, which leaves casino management displeased. Is this the end of his new-found lucky streak?


This film is one of the best gambling movies around. It looks at the gambling scene from the roots up and is a rollercoaster of emotions.


IMDB gives The Cooler a rating of 7/10 stars.

Casino Royale (2006)

Who doesn’t enjoy the 007 movie series? In Casino Royale, James Bond is only at the start of his career.


In his first mission as 007, he’s thrown into the deep end with a cunning villain. This villain is a banker for global terrorist groups, known as La Chiffre. La Chiffre must raise money by way of a high stakes poker game.


Bond has to save the day and win the game. However, La Chiffre has several tricks up his sleeve and won’t go down so quickly. Will James Bond win out over evil?


This action-packed film gives one a glimpse into the rare scene of high stakes poker. Poker is a popular card game worldwide, and many have tried their hand at it – whether they play casino games or a more intimate version.


Casino Royale deserves being mentioned among the top gambling movies.


IMDB scores this epic tale at 8.0/10 stars.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Based on the classic novel by Hunter S. Thompson, this movie features Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the character Raoul Duke. Duke is a journalist who takes a trip to Las Vegas with his lawyer.


The duo finds themselves slipping deep into a psychedelic pleasure trip. This trip takes them on a journey through Sin City. They meet interesting hitchhikers, gamblers and have the odd run-in with the law.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a must for anyone making a “best gambling movies” bucket list. Although it holds a heavy emphasis on drugs, this film takes a look at the real people that make up the famous city of Las Vegas. It offers a crazy ride into the mindset that seeps into one’s skin.


IMDB scores this epic tale at 7.6/10 stars.

Why These Movies?

These brilliant movies show a sense of realism in the gambling industry – the nitty-gritty of how casinos are run from the ground up, with outstanding performances.


It’s because of films like these that people from all around the world know about casinos. The gambling mecca that is Las Vegas regularly attracts people from all walks of life, hoping to win big.


The dazzling and vibrant world of gambling, coupled with the emotions of a typical punter, makes for an unforgettable viewing experience. A sentiment fully agreed upon by our gambling industry expert and PR guru, Kate Richards.


There are many casino-themed movies. They show the dream-worthy possibilities that gambling represents, as well as the real-life troubles that accompany it.


The three picks each depict the two sides that come with gambling. They create a story anyone can relate to, no matter their experience with casinos. All three are brilliant movies about gambling that everyone should watch at least once.




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