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Classic Spins of the Wheel on Film. Roulette Scenes at the Movies

by James Murphy

Top 5 Movies About Roulette


Roulette scenes in movies always add a layer of drama. When a character must win, watching a wheel spin can make even viewers sweat!


These days you can easily play roulette at online casinos. Just make sure to look for the highest payout online casino and get spinning that wheel.


If you’re a big fan of movies and roulette, join us as we take a look at the most popular films about roulette.




Casablanca is a bonafide Hollywood classic famous for its theme song, Humphrey Bogart’s chain-smoking and the quote “play it again, Sam!”


Central to its plot is the American’s plan to escape Morocco during World War II. In order to make this plan work, the characters need money – lots of it. In desperation, they gamble everything they have on the roulette wheel. If they lose, they must stay in a German-occupied country.


You can cut the tension with a knife as the casino owner rigs table to let them win.

Diamonds Are Forever


Back in the 1960s and 1970s, James Bond was always in a casino! And, in true 007 style, he usually came out a winner.


But while Dr. No was a movie that first introduced us to the sophisticated spy’s love of casino, it is Diamonds Are Forever that most Bond fans remember fondly whenever they think of Bond and the casino.


It’s also the movie that reveals Bond’s gambling strategy. And as the tension builds and other characters fold, Bond remains cool, collective and calm-headed throughout the scene.


Croupier is a British casino movie that follows the life of an actual casino croupier.


Clive Owen plays an amateur writer with big dreams who lands a job spinning the wheel. When he meets a down-at-heel gambler, two conspire to rob the casino.


The whole movie has the feel of a detective noir and there are plenty of casino scenes to enjoy.



Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal is a tough film to forget once you’ve seen it. Sultry Demi Moore steals all scenes she’s in, but Woody Harrelson comes close when he – alongside Moore – blows everything he has on the Roulette wheel in Vegas.


The loss has huge repercussions, as pair are left at mercy of a billionaire who offers them $1,000,000 to sleep with Demi Moore.


Run Lola Run


Run Lola Run is a slice of German postmodernism. The whole film is about choices, and we follow the central character – Lola – across a parallel universe as we’re shown 3 potential outcomes to one life-changing event that happened at the start of the movie.


In one of the outcomes, she ends up in a casino with a single 100-mark chip. She places it on the number 22, waits, and waits and waits … and then win.


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