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Open your Mind with the Movies!

by James Murphy

5 great Mind Expanding Movies

Mind growing is an excellent approach to work in effective manners with the sense of achieving particular goals. There are different resources, which can be used for expanding the mind to maintain social matters successfully. Likewise, various movies are available, which can be utilized for mind-expanding and growth in the social order. There are some exciting and attractive movies recommended by Writemypaper123.com for mind growth:

  • Waking Life

This movie is presented by Richard Linklater, and it is based on the journey from dream to reality. It is engaging the customers by creating different questions about the universe in the social order. The content of this movie is linked with philosophical approaches as viewers like to know about the world entirely. The story of this movie is starting from some dreams, which became a reality at the end of the movie with the message of ultimate development and growth in the world.

·         Samsara

This movie was presented in 2011, and this is a short documentary about the starting of the world and its realities. Ron Fricke has presented this movie and made the viewers attractive by the selection of engaging perceptions. The movie is describing three major concepts, which are linked to all living things in the world. The movie is presenting the concept of death, birth, and rebirth according to the obligation of different schools of thought, including religious, historical, philosophical and psychological, etc. The proper mention of relevant evidence is also caused by making this movie fame in the world.

·         Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives,

It is a Thai movie that is presented with the subject of natural perceptions. It was presented by Apichatpong Weerasethakul in 2010, it is known as the first award-winning movie of Thailand. Uncle Boonmee is the essential character of this movie, and he is dealing with natural realities according to his memories. Memories are supportive of proving the present perceptions in a sequence of naturalism. Likewise, it is the way of engaging the viewers with the concept of mind-expanding.

·         Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer has presented this movie, and it is prepared about the kindness and humanity. The critical character of this movie is Scarlett, and she is sharing the human experiences about the undoubted realities of the world. The content of the movie is linked with the perception of life and death, along with the effects of developmental strategies. People can watch this movie, and they can get min expanding features to make their matters explained in the social order.

·         Enter the Void

Gaspar Noe has presented this movie, and it is pertinent with traveling space scenes, which are striking for the viewers. Another name of this movie is mentioned as “Acid on films,” it is mentioning the perception about life, death, space, and astronomy. These perceptions are efficient for mental growth and development. People can watch the movie and make their crucial questions about the reality of the world answerable.



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