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Inspirational War Movies

by James Murphy

War Movies Based on True Stories:

War movies create a sense of empathy among its spectators. Watching such films make us feel as if we are standing in that time of war, confronting our enemy in that battlefield. We get to know and feel the atrocities being homeless, living in refugee camps, and horrors of death sights during the wars.  With new filming technology, there are a large number of audiences that have developed a keen interest in the history of warfare. This blog like Huffpost has some exciting stories that will give you some glimpse of some spectacular war movies based on true stories:

Saving Private Ryan: (1998)

The story of this movie is based upon a group of American soldiers, who were given a task to go behind enemy lines to find the nominal comrade, Fritz Niland whose three soldier brothers were suspected to be killed already in various actions. Interestingly, Father Francis Sampson, chaplain of the 501st Regiment, was given the task of finding Fritz Niland. The film received 11 Academy Award nominations. It received a huge appreciation for its realistic portrayal of World War II. Peter Bradshaw quoted in Guardian on June 6, 2019, “An old-fashioned war picture to rule them all – gripping, utterly cynical, with viscerally convincing and audacious battle sequences”.

Black Hawk Down: ( 2001)

Just like the movie “Jarhead”, this movie also takes its name from a book named “Black Hawk Down” by an American journalist Mark Bowden. The story is based on a into main market true incident of October 3, 1993, when Mogadishu, Somalia was attacked by a hundred elite U.S. soldiers, who were dropped by helicopter into the main market of the city. There were terror, horror, stress, suspense, disappointment, and misfortunate throughout the film as they didn’t find their intended target.

Pearl Harbor: (2001)

This war movie is based on a dreadful incident of the Japanese surprise attack on the American Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This surprise attack dragged America to enter into World War II, after losing more than 2,403 people in that attack. The story mainly aims at love-triangle of two childhood friends from Tennessee, Ben Affleck, and Josh Hartnett, who fall in love with the same nurse, Kate Beckinsale, as soon they enter the Army Air Corps. While this love-triangle goes on, the attack on Pearl Harbor shakes everyone.

Jarhead: (2005)

The title “Jarhead” originated from the term used for Marines during the Second World War. This film revolves around a former U.S. Marine, Anthony Swofford. He was a writer too and is popular for his book “Jarhead” in 2003.  The book is based on his accounts of situations encountered in the Persian Gulf War. In 2005, a film with the same name “Jarhead” was made based on real incidents from this book. This movie is entirely based upon the personal experience of a young man caught up in the military process Paul Byynes stated in “Sydney”.

Stalingrad: (2013)

This is based on true was story during the era of 1942 when a small group of Russian soldiers who took over the bombed-out building of Pavlov’s House. They struggle to fight against the merciless German Army and meanwhile the audience is romanticized by Russian soldiers’ deep connection with two women found in that ruin and devastated building structure. Kate Muir in Times (UK) narrated on January 2, 2018.

Lone Survivor: (2014)

This is an epic war movie based on a true incident during late June 2005. We see the spectacular landing of Marcus Luttrell from a helicopter with his team of three officers, on the remote mountains of Northeastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border. They were on the mission of Operation Red Wing to search for a militia leader, aligned with the Taliban. In” The New Yorker” David Denby stated on Jan 6, 2014,” Lone Survivor will not please people exasperated by an endless war, but it’s an achievement nonetheless”.

To conclude, we can say that a realistic war movie glorifies war with good graphical special effects giving the audience the ideas of what war does to humanity. Bloodshed, gunfire, death scenes, and all other effects bring the audience to feel that they are in the same boat of film characters and the same time period.


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