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Top Movies About Addiction Recovery

by James Murphy

Drink and Drugs are Hard Demons to Beat. But Movies can help as a crucial first step..

Movies That Are Worth Watching While Recovering from Substance Abuse can be a crucial first step in defeating the demons of drink and drugs

For some, watching movies can be a form of relaxation and entertainment. But for others, it can be more than that. It can serve as an inspiration, or as a way to learn valuable lessons in life. This is particularly true in the list of addiction recovery movies that are featured below. These movies depict how addiction can impact one’s life, how it can damage relationships, and put one’s life into chaos. More importantly, these movies show that the road to addiction recovery may not be easy, but it can be done and it is a road worth taking.

These movies should be watched not only by those who are on the process of recovery but also by those who have loved ones who are going through the process. Watching these will help relatives and friends understand that recovery can be challenging and that addicts who want to be sober will need all the support they can get. But before you go binge-watching, take time to read the following tips that will help you through your recovery and help you pass your next drug test.


  • Eat the right food.

Addiction can result in malnourishment or an impaired immune system. For this reason, your recovery stage should also include eating healthy and highly-nourished food to lead your body into recovery too. Fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods, fiber-rich foods, and healthy fats should be incorporated into your diet. 

You should also be aware of the foods that you need to avoid. These include processed and packaged foods, foods that are high in sugar and saturated fats, as well as caffeinated foods and beverages. Caffeine can stimulate mood swings and is also addictive, which is why it is also included in the list of foods to avoid as an athlete. Take a cue from them and lay off on the caffeine as well.

  • Find a new hobby.

During recovery, you might find yourself with plenty of time at your hands. To prevent boredom, finding a new hobby can help. Examples of new hobbies that you can start are blogging, writing a journal, gardening, or joining a recovery group.

Writing a journal can be a good hobby to start during addiction recovery. 


  • Healthy physical activities.

Doing physical activities will also help your body during recovery. You can benefit from yoga in reducing your stress level or in joining martial arts for that sense of balance. Running and cycling can also be a good avenue to regain your body’s fitness. 

  • Use a fake urine sample on your next drug test.

Kidding! This was just meant to lighten up the mood. But if you are curious, you can go to this page to check it out. Ideally, your next drug test should not be your worry anymore. As long as you stick to your recovery guidelines, you will surely ace your next drug test.


Now, here is the list of must-watch movies that can support addiction recovery. 


Clean and Sober

Michael Keaton stars in this 1989 movie in which he played the role of Daryl, who was a real estate salesman with cocaine addiction. He went into treatment after committing a series of catastrophic mistakes. There he realized how badly he needed the treatment. Keaton portrays a real estate agent suffering from addiction. 



This 2004 movie is a biography of the famous musician Ray Charles, played by Jamie Foxx. The film depicts Charles’ struggles in detoxifying his body from heroin abuse. Foxx won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles’ life.


Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges stars in this 2009 film as a country musician who suffers from alcohol addiction. Despite having addiction-related health problems and broken relationships, he failed to be sober until he got connected with Alcoholics Anonymous. Jeff Bridges also won an Academy Award for this movie. 


Bill W.

Bill W. is a 2012 documentary that tackles the life of Bill Washington, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It shows how Bill faced his own substance abuse problem and how he connected with other individuals suffering from the same plight to build the self-help group.



Denzel Washington stars in this 2012 film as an airline pilot who suffers from drug addiction and alcoholism. His addiction was not a problem to flight safety but was brought into the limelight when his plane crashed due to a mechanical issue. This movie depicts how some may need to lose everything first before recovering fully.


Ben Is Back

This 2018 movie talked about Ben who went back to his family home on Christmas Eve. It showed a mother’s unconditional love as his mother, Holly, tried to keep Ben clean and helped him get through his addiction. Julia Roberts portrayed the role of Holly in Ben is Back


28 Days

This 2000 movie features Sandra Bullock who also did an astounding performance in the marvellous movie Gravity. Here Gwen (Bullock), struggled to recognize her alcohol addiction until incidents led her to choose between going to jail or undergoing a 28-day treatment program. This movie depicts what a person can do to change once she acknowledges that addiction has been negatively impacting her life.


These movies are definitely excellent choices to watch when you want to gain some inspiration to overcome substance abuse and be on the road to recovery.


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