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How to Write an Essay about a Movie

by James Murphy

Movies are a Visual Art-form. But they start with a SCRIPT. And they can inspire great ESSAYS!



An assignment to write about a favourite film might seem challenging to students. They realize that teachers evaluate writing skills and the personality with the help of this task. It is not a simple review or sharing impressions with friends. You cannot simply put Five stars or Like, and say a couple phrases. An essay about the movie should be written in accordance with your college rules and professor’s requirements. Experts from the custom writing website specializing in custom writing online help,  academic paper services, and college essay assistance, know how to cope with it brilliantly.

Professional authors from Writing-help.org often get orders to compose essays or any other research papers in English for pupils. They have already written thousands of successful texts. So this post is an experience-based guide on how to write a perfect essay about a film.

What you need to know is everything starting from the film choice and to the description of your personal impressions speaks of your inner world and intellectual level. Thus, take this task seriously and follow these recommendations.

Movie essay: Tips for successful writing

Obviously, the best way to present an awesome essay is to write about your favorite film. Remember your first impressions and feelings, watch it once again, and take notes. By doing so, you can fix all the valuable thoughts on the movie.

And then comes the most challenging part. You need to express your considerations within frames of the educational standards. Professional paper writers from Writing-help.org have selected some good ideas on what to write.

  1. Tell about the film background. Was it based on real events?

Sometimes the reality is more exciting and spectacular than fantasy. Herein lies the value of documentary films. For instance, Hacksaw Ridge reveals the true story of Desmond Doss. He was a brave and kind combat medic who rejected weapon despite the cruelty of the war. However, it did not prevent him from doing heroic deeds.

The movie can also be built on a novel, like in the case of The Best of Me. The writer Nicholas Sparks had created a touching romantic story which inspired Michael Hoffman to make a film.

2. Share your reflections on the movie

You do not have to repeat the plot of the movie in your essay. Your goal is to demonstrate what you think about certain events and characters. Pay attention to details and try to read between the lines. Analyze the scenario, acting, music, special effects, etc.

Say, you have chosen Interstellar. It is a superb film about unlimited human capabilities. Show your admiration of breathtaking fantastic views and unexpected twists. What do you think about music by Hans Zimmer? His soundtracks give goosebumps. You can also tell about a catchy phrase that you have heard in the movie, something like: “We are here to become the memories for our children.” Explain how you understand these words.

One more hint for your essay on Interstellar. Try to reflect on its main idea — Love as a dimension, time, and space. Its energy can change the course of events and history, agreed?

3. What can this movie teach us?

A good film always leaves a long-lasting aftertaste. Take Front of the Class, for example. This story shows incredible willpower and encourages you to believe in yourself. The main hero Brad fights Tourette syndrome in order to become a school teacher and help children. He does not betray his dream, notwithstanding his tics and other people’s opinions. After watching this story, you realize that you have no right to give up. It teaches to believe in goodness and motivates to move forward to high achievements.

And one more thing. Do not try to come up with a professional review. The teachers, above all, expect to read your own views and findings.

It happens that a student simply has no time to write all the assignments. In this case, custom writing help from Writing-help.org is an excellent idea. One can buy an impeccable paper from expert specialists of this company for cheap. Meantime, the service is always pleasant, and the quality is decent.








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