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What makes MARVEL MOVIES So Special?

by James Murphy

What Makes Marvel Movies So Special?

And it’s not just Downey..though yes he helps a LOT and will be much missed if he does not return..;)


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most, if not the most, successful franchises of all time. With dozens of movies, overarching storylines, and a great cast of characters, it’s no wonder that it is so successful around the world.

What Makes Marvel Movies So Special?


There are so many reasons to love Marvel movies. With such a diverse cast and range of films, there is something for everyone. In fact, as this research from CashLady shows, the favorite movies for countries around the world range from Black Panther, to Captain Marvel, all the way to Spider-Man. It’s no wonder that each country has its own favorite movie when there is so much to love about `Marvel:


Standalone, But Together


One of the biggest reasons for its success is that each movie, aside from Avenger’s: Infinity War & Endgame, is a contained story. It was designed to be enjoyed both by those keeping up with the complete story arc, and those who are coming into it for the first time. You don’t have to get annoyed at the ending, because each movie has its own conclusion.


Great, Charismatic Characters

Marvel characters are bright, fun, diverse, and have great banter. All the character tropes are present and accounted for, and their interactions are one of the biggest draws for the entire series. Of course, you want to see the latest Avengers movie when it brings together your favorites from The Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange together for the first time.


The charm is undeniable, which is why it’s no wonder there are series of films featuring our favorite characters, according to Indie Wire like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and even friends-to-enemies-to-reluctant-allies like Loki.


They are bright, they are bold, they have a sense of humor, and most importantly, they are flawed. We root for them because Marvel has been so successful in their universe building, we have had time to grow with the characters we see on screen.



Not Afraid to Have Fun


Marvel can be serious. It also knows when to put in the fun and the jokes. It makes even the longest of its movies a thrill to sit through. The humor isn’t just a way to break the tension even during the climax of a film; it’s also how we relate to these characters. The use of humor in both main and side characters grounds the film. It makes us relate to the characters because, yes, superhero movies are ridiculous. But, we can’t deny that there’s plenty of catchy phrases and more quotes from each character.


Introducing New Characters


New characters are introduced with class and care so that you are intrigued enough to watch their standalone film later on. This gives the Marvel Universe a sweeping arc that we can follow where we are interested in. It was crafted very, very well, so you can follow these new characters, or not, and still understand the main plot of the movie that you are currently watching. You don’t need to be wholly invested in enjoying the series, which makes it such a joy both for big fans, and for the occasional viewer.




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