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Sport on Film. Film on Sport. WHAT A TEAM!

by James Murphy

 Defining the Crucial Elements in the Production of an Iconic Sports Movie

A good sport is considered to be the vital centerpiece of any remarkable motion picture. The film also needs to have an engaging story behind it to become a life-long classic. Without having bits of the story, such as the background and difficulties, a good film can quickly turn into an exceedingly failed project. Even with the fans hooked by the sport, the lead actor’s personal story is the component that inevitably keeps the supporters glued to the screen. At times, the stars can be made up of a complete team, but most of the films have one character.

According to research from Betway, of the IMDb top 50 lists, approximately 27 of the films are based on single-player sports. The movie directors argue that it is much simpler writing a script about an individuals’ life story than an entire team. Over the years, boxing films have been noticed to have a higher success rate than other sports films. Boxing films take up almost 20% of the IMDb top 50 lists. MMA, karate, and wrestling, among other combat sports films, account for only 14 positions among the 50 available. The unpredictable and violent nature of the boxing sport makes it an ideal sport for cinema.

With the sport, the trial-and-tribulation concept that makes movies intriguing can be easily cultivated as the fights are known to be full of excitement, drama, and danger. The storyline is a cycle of some sort, and films rarely stray far from the idea. The motion picture protagonist is depicted as an individual who is having a rough patch in their life, they join boxing and rise to a point they get a shot at landing a boxing championship fight as the underdog, they train hard minimizing errors and pushing themselves to the limits, they have issues in their life they need to overcome. Finally, the fight event happens, and the star goes home, having come out a victor or loser.

A few classic sports films end with the main actor losing, and many viewers may argue that they are not good films, but film-makers of this type of motion picture argue that the actors’ journey that matters. Fans continue to argue that although character development and the storyline are crucial components of any sports film, they remark that it is pleasing to have a victorious end to a motion picture. According to most film fans, the main event that has acted as the foundation of the story needs to end with the star team or individual winning.

Thirty-eight of the total 50 motion pictures listed by IMDb have supported this argument. For many fans, the sporting story-backed films that stand out are those that have a successful ending. Directors assumed that the losing team, even in a real-life situation, is not remembered much like the underdog team that came out on top despite all odds. Of the close to 31 real-life based films on IMDb, 24 give end well. It is only logical as the viewer needs to get a good outcome after investing their emotions and time because a good climax is undeniably satisfying.



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