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Who should play Col Sir Tom Moore?

by James Murphy

The Man Made History in Raising Monies for the NHS. He’s a legend. He’s an Inspiration..so HOW to capture that on FILM? 

It HAD to happen. A movie about the man who made 2020 a bit brighter and gave us all hope.

Col Sir Tom Moore.

But who can play him? I hope that the filmmakers avoid the temptation to select an actor simply on the basis of age or nationality. Those are irrelevances here and indeed, the whole inspiration to the take is in transcending perceived limitations. So yes of course Michael Caine, Tony Hopkins, Pat Stewart et al become obvious names to throw around. Equally, there will be a tendency to go for star names associated with period pieces / make-up (Colin Firth, Gary Oldman).

I just think we can cast the net wider..

Let’s think about WHY Col Sir Tom charmed us so beautifully. It was not just THAT charity walk for the NHS. It’s not the fact that he is 100. More his relative normality, fused to the determination and accomplishment. He loves LIFE. Loves his family. Appreciates beauty. Un P/C yet still kind and decent. An everyman with a nonetheless remarkable backstory (WW2 veteran; built a great business), this is someone who does not try and evade the clock.

The man knows his time is finite and limited by age and he is not playing younger than his years. Yet he has always stayed vital and even a fall two years ago did not deter his strides in survival and daily seeking out of new challenges. The humour, the glint in the eye and that quest to simply LIVE, in the moment, respectful of the past but with a hope for tomorrow? THAT, to me at least, sums up Moore’s brilliance. He neither dwells on nor ducks the years.

So, to put that on film, somehow? You need a great writer (Moore himself; dash of polish from Richard Curtis/Emma Freud/Tom Stoppard?). A director of distinction (Spielberg? Sam Mendes? John Madden? Mike Newell?). A tone that is somehow heart-warming, uplifting, uncompromising and avoids merely mawkish rehash of what has been done before and better.

And above all? You need the right ACTOR. Yes, an older sort, possibly called out of retirement. Just don’t restrict it to that narrow a field? Here is a shortlist..


Harrison Ford: A natural for this. Because Tom Moore is a real life Indiana Jones, with a life of adventure and romantic joy.

Al Pacino: Think Scent of a Woman, part 2?

Jack Nicholson: Convinces as military men and excels at romance / real world, substantial drama.

Gene Hackman: Surely you are a bit bored of writing novels and painting? Come on, Sir! We need you back onscreen!

Robert Duvall: Because why not have one of the greatest actors of all time play such an inspirational man?

Russell Crowe: Age him up for the older bits; means he can still do the action stuff and romance etc.

Robert Downey Junior: Because this kind of story appeals to his softer nature and he would ace it on the age make up and making Tom a man rather than a Saint yet still likeable.


See Also, Possibly, for Consideration:

Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Sean Bean, Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Liam Neeson, Christian Bale


Over to you, Sir Tom!


ps: how about Sienna Miller and Sally Phillips to play Col Sir Tom’s lovely daughters?! 



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