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ENOUGH with the MULTIVERSES already!

by James Murphy

I am SICK of these motherf”’#ng multiverses in these motherf”’#ng Comic Book Movies! 

So, Marvel. You are apparently toying with a return of Jamie Foxx as Electro in a new SPIDER-MAN film. FINE. Except, um, no..

  • If you REALLY want to harness this amazing actor in your spider-verse? MAKE HIM THE ELDER MILES MORALES!
  • This is IN NO WAY AT ALL catalysed by Warners/DC being ahead of the game for once and ordering the multiple Batmen scenario?
  • There is no need for this. Your existing iteration of the Spidey lore is doing just fine. You can HINT at crossover, fine. But need not ‘go there’, literally?


  • We will get to a situation whereby there is no consequence for a failed franchise. Failed at the Box Office 6 years ago? No problem: come back in the parallel universe!


  • Equally IN said universes, where is the verisimilitude? And where is the consequence? If you establish that multiple versions can co-exist then you effectively compromise RISK, both as commercial product and IN the stories. Dead? Failed? Nah. I can come back.


  • Reduces older actors / versions to a tribute support act and sets up the latest take for a similar fate within a generation.
  • It is now a craze that will burn out. But not before EVERY SINGLE FRANCHISE copies it. Multiple 007s? ALL the Trek Captains? And so on..

Look, I get as excited as anyone by all this. But even so? It’s like the kind of fan-fiction that would have been turned down by studios years ago is now their ‘go-to’ as a story premise.

And it’s on a whim. Despite all that pseudo-erudite nonsense of making super-heroes ‘realistic’ and having ‘depth’ that defined the last decade or so.

Hey! Tom Cruise as mirror universe Iron Man (no. just no). Green Lantern, maybe? Older SUPERMAN, even? Tom is a special boy and I like him but just, no to his being Iron Man. Would not have worked even when mooted pre Downey.

Iron Man/Stark is either Downey or nobody. Unless you go full reboot and return to the 1960s-80s vision of the character (playboy yes but more serious: think Tom Selleck crossed with Kevin Kline, Errol Flynn and Tim Dalton?).

Notice there is also talk of Bale’s Batman coming back (despite his version clearly existing, save occasional hints to contrary, in a non sci-fi world, as he did not continue for Batman v Superman?).

At the same time, no notion of Kilmer/Clooney getting a second stab at the cowl, because, offscreen, those versions are perceived as non canonical, because they are not Keaton/Bale/Affleck? 

Whilst we lost out on 20 plus years of these kinds of stories with actors of this calibre in projects LIKE this AND more adult fare. It’s as though the kids have taken over the school or something. 

Never again will we see a Godfather, I dare say? But fine. We get movies ABOUT making those movies, in tandem with comic book films becoming their own meta-marketing myth as substitute for a creative, cohesive vision..

Rant done. Have a nice weekend! More movie misanthropy soon. Your unfriendly neighbourhood Movie-Man 🙂


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