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5 Interesting Facts about Solitaire you Should Know

by James Murphy

The game of Solitaire is both fascinating and intriguing, it is so great that can get one spending hours trying to win and beat their own score.

It was invented hundreds of years ago but even now there are not just numerous players but also a huge diversity of variants of Solitaire. So, it’s evident that one question will arise: why is it so popular? To answer this, let’s observe a few main reasons.

5 Things That Make Solitaire a Good Game

You might be thinking whether Solitaire is worth your precious time. Well, these are the aspects that can influence your decision!

  1. It can be played online
  1. It can be played online

Solitaire Masters  has undergone the transformation that any other game has since the advent of personal computers and the internet. Now, you don’t need physical cards to play it as there are many applications available. All you need to do is to install them and you are good to go! One more advantage is that there are so many variations of Solitaire online that you’ll never get bored. These include not only familiar Klondike, Yukon, and Spider but also Pyramid, Scorpion, Clock, Golf, and many others. The list is endless and more are being created and uploaded – just be on the lookout! If you’re interested in trying these other variations of solitaire, all which have their own unique challenge, try Solitaire Bliss, which has over 30 different solitaire games.

  1. You can play by yourself or with a partner

The word ‘solitaire’ was originated from ‘lonely or isolated’, so it’s not surprising that the initial rules included only one player. However, now the game comes with extra versatility and you can play with a partner as well. In this case, it is called double Solitaire. Remember, that the rules will change with the addition of more players, thus creating an interesting twist plus a flair of creativity. An example is the game of 6 to 7 participants called simultaneous Solitaire where all players move the cards using only one hand.

  1. It is a game of skill

Some people argue that classic Solitaire is a game of luck. Reality is actually different. This game is like a sport for your brain and requires certain skills. You should know how to calculate your moves, make decisions according to the value of different options in the long run, build effective strategies, and be diligent and quick when thinking. It is mind engaging and also needs a high level of alertness, persistence, and attentiveness.

  1. Solitaire is a great tool to calm your mind

Anxiety and stress are the biggest culprits of today’s mental health. Everything is moving too fast creating a chaotic world. It takes skill to calm down and the game of Solitaire is a great solution to slowing down and unwinding. It is known to create a mild meditative state that diffuses any tension. This greatly improves decision making by clearing the mind and bringing important issues into focus.

  1. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family

Family time is great for socializing and getting to know one another better. Free Solitaire can be one of the best ways of having leisure together with relatives or friends when you don’t want any very dynamic activities. It can even create a better and bigger connection since you are all focused on one thing. This game will also teach you lessons on handling competition, delayed gratification, and celebrating each other’s wins.


Playing any of the Solitaire card games is interesting, fun, relaxing, and beneficial to your mental health. Solitaire is continually evolving and adapting to new technologies and can be embraced by anyone. It is therefore a winning game for all! Start with some of the classic versions, try more complex ones, and this may become one of your favorite hobbies.


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