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The Impact of Stigma on Mental Health

by James Murphy

Movies can only help you escape so much from an often cruel world..

We live in a world where people tend to stigmatize a lot of things. Our acceptance of certain things is not great. Stigma towards mental health is one of the things that a lot of people have to face.

In a journey where you already feel so lonely, you can feel even more distraught. The mental health stigma has widely affected people and their confidence to confide in people.

If you have dealt with mental issues, you must know what it feels like to deal with problems alone. There is no doubt in the fact that you are your savior. However, you do not have to necessarily fight a battle alone if you can get the support from your loved ones.


The mentality and the power of acceptance within a society plays a huge role in making the future brighter. However, the lack of basic knowledge about mental health makes us fall back as a society. There are versatile kinds of people in this world; we all have different values and beliefs.

Our opinion on mental health is also versatile. It can be hard when overcoming the stigma of mental illness. When you do not feel comfortable communicating about mental health openly, chances are you are never going to recover. Let’s have a look at all the negative impact stigma has on our society.

1.     Hard to seek help

Some people think there is no such thing as mental illness. Well, we all know that the struggle of sorting out our mental health can be a long journey. The social stigma can add to our hardship in coping with mental illness. We feel uncomfortable talking about our issues with even our close group of friends because of their inability to understand us.


Our parents are our essential support who can guide us through anything. Sometimes, our parents are unable to understand how we feel. It can be utterly disappointing if our closed ones do not even make an effort to comprehend our situation.


Often, we are in a dark place, and we require help because pulling yourself together on your own is not easy. The history of mental health stigma dates back a lot of years. Hence, we can create a change little by little. It is essential to talk about your issues openly so that more people find the courage to speak up. However, the pressure and the burden can make a person give in and fight their battle alone.

2.     Feeling suicidal

When you are unable to express your feelings openly with anyone at all, you feel incredibly alone. Some people are going to consider you a mad person for feeling the way you do. The stigma around mental illness can break a person to no end. A child may feel depressed or anxious, as well. A parent must destigmatize mental issues and make an open conversation with their children.


The strategies to reduce stigma in mental health is to start little by little. Many people were dealing with mental issues silently. The silent battle can sometimes lead to defeat. People begin to feel suicidal when they are depressed for too long.

It is the responsibility of every one of us to analyze people’s behavior. You never know what the other person is going through silently. In the past few years, the stigma around mental health has eased off due to the increasing awareness. However, certain people still feel like mental health issues do not exist at all.

3.     Physical health issues

Did you know your mental health can show effects on your physical health? When you are feeling mentally drained, your body’s functions also feel the negative impact. The stigma around mental health often causes a person to deal with issues silently. When such things happen, a person can wear off physically as well.


It is so important to consider your mental health and make it a priority. Some easy tips to decrease the intensity of depression is to use CBD products. You can either use CBD dabs or CBD cartridges to feel relaxed. On the other hand, it is also essential to take care of what you eat to build physical strength.


The physical and mental health of a person is correlated and works hand in hand. When you feel physically ill, you can instantly feel down and depressed. Similarly, mental issues can translate into physical health. As an educated person, it is our responsibility to destigmatize mental health issues. Also, we should act responsibly and help people in need whenever we can.

How to destigmatize mental health?

Mental health is the constant talk of the town for the last few years. The awareness around mental health is increasing, and more people are showing support on this matter. The process of destigmatizing mental health starts with individual effort. People must act more responsibly towards people dealing with mental issues. You must educate yourself about mental health and why it is crucial—the least, you can do to support people by only listening to them. You can also use social media to talk about these topics and spread awareness at the base-level.



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