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The Crown Series 4. It IS excellent. Go Watch. Now!

by James Murphy

Reservations aside you SHOULD see series 4 of The Crown on Netflix.

Beautifully filmed, acted, lit, edited, directed, scored. It’s glossy and soap operatic and contrived in places and I stand by my view that the Thatcher motifs were done before and better. Anderson is doing an impression rather than giving¬† a performance; ditto Villiers; Colman hardly stretched, too?.

It’s a show that wants to be all things and that therefore has an impact on character and tone. Is the Queen meant to be sympathetic, throughout? Is Charles a snivelling wally or actual baddie boo hiss cad? One can call that subtlety and texture. I call it rushed out content; trying to cover too epic a framework in too small a box.

But Princess Anne (Erin Doherty) is FIT. And Diana (Emma Corrin) is ADORABLE! You just want to adopt her, marry her, save her: ANYTHING to help her escape the tragic fate and lend her a genuine fairy tale ending. The actress will go far. Cambridge grad, naturally. Should be a Bond Girl. Same way a period piece (ie late 60s/early 70s/early to mid 80s) Bond movie would be an ideal vehicle for writer, Peter Morgan, as he did write an initial treatment for what became SKYFALL.

There is also a nice insight to Prince Edward. I always felt sorry for him. The media treated him badly and he did try a number of ventures before finding his feet. But his behaviour is not radically different from William or Harry, surely? And we see here in one scene that his bravado and sheen of entitled confidence were survival mechanisms he evolved due to a terrible experience of being bullied at school. I think everyone can learn from that. The brash young 20 something misguided pup is frequently trying to fight against a tide of repressed memory from a recent childhood. If that is misaligned without guidance? The young man can lose their way. Bit like BATMAN or JAMES BOND.

The Crown is pure class. Beautiful television and film. Addictive stuff. I cannot wait for series 5. There will now, it seems, be a season 6 too, perhaps as compo for the Covid based delays in reaching the next filming blocks. It is an insult imho to cast Jonathan Pryce as Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip, even at 99, would kick Pryce’s arse. For John Major, how about Hugh Laurie? throw in Stephen Fry as Ken Clarke and you get a kind of meta universe neo-nostalgia trip. Just a thought.¬†



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