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New slot games trends

by James Murphy

Slots are some of the most popular casino games, with new players constantly joining the ever growing community. Developers have to constantly release new games to keep up with this demand, however they are aware that players expect a certain amount of quality in each slot.

Developers have to consistently create fun and innovative slots that are able to differentiate themselves from previous releases and keep players happy. This leads to brand new trends in the slot gaming industry – play at slotsuk.co.uk.

Increase in Skill based Gameplay 

With so many new players enjoying slot games, developers have to continually come up with new ways to make the slots fun and interesting. One way they are doing this is by altering the gameplay so it involves more skill, this ultimately makes the slot much more fun to play. This not only provides a more challenging experience but also gives slots extra replay value. 

Virtual Reality 

This technology is seen as the future of online casino gaming, with many slot developers slowly making their games available on this technology. This will make slot games much more immersive than they currently are, the graphics and sounds will have to be almost life-like to ensure that virtual reality is a success. Virtual reality slots are still a growing idea, 

Autoplay Feature 

This brand new feature is being implemented in more and more slot releases, it allows players to sit back and watch the reels spin without having to touch a button. While some players may question the introduction of such a feature, for most it gives them a brand new way to relax and enjoy the slot. 

No Need for Cash and Card 

Less and less slot games require cash or cards to be able to function. There is now a bigger emphasis on contactless payments, all players need to do is enter their card details and the slot will accept that a sufficient payment. Players only need their mobile phone to be able to do this. Other slots even have their own currency that players can use. These new payment methods have contributed to the decline of cash being used in the casino industry. 


There has been a greater push for interactivity recently, with slots and casinos giving players almost unlimited choice. Slots use brand new interfaces that help players feel as if they are really involved in the action, with amazing graphics and animations that help the reels appear as if they are really there. The characters and themes also benefit from this push for interactivity, as developers are constantly pushing to create environments and characters that look and feel real. 


There are so many new and exciting trends currently developing in the world of slots. From the introduction of virtual reality, increased effort toward interactivity and payment methods that don’t require a card or cash, these new trends in slot gaming are certainly exciting. With the increased popularity of online slots, more players than ever before will be able to experience these new trends.


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