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by James Murphy

Yes, they are fiction. No, they cannot be exempt from the festivities. Here are some ideas..



  • John McClane: New Vest. Actually LOTS OF vests. And a cardigan.
  • Indiana Jones: Antidotes to poison. khaki surplus. notebook/pencils
  • James Bond: Cocktail shaker. FT Sub. motor memorabilia. cufflinks.
  • Tony Stark: Nothing. He’s dead. Get over it. Time to move on. 

  • Batman: Cough /throat sweets. Caffeine pills. Ticket to Florence.
  • Holly Golightly: Cat-food. Tiara. Cigarette case /holder. Eye-mask.
  • Ellen Ripley: Guns. Hair-clippers. More guns. Cigarettes. Basketball.
  • Captain Marvel: Motorbike. Shades. World peace.
  • Terminator: Clothes. Boots. Motorcycle. Drapes.

  • Michael Corleone: Anything he cannot refuse.
  • Charles Foster Kane: Snow-globe. Newspaper.
  • Lara Croft: Shorts. Crop Top. Water Bottle.
  • Hannibal Lecter: Wine, preferably Chianti: a nice one.
  • The Bride: Swords. Tracksuits. Trainers.

  • Gollum: Something precious.
  • Norman Bates: Wigs. New Motel sign.
  • Wednesday Adams: Christmas? Presents? Really?
  • Groot: I am Groot!

  • Ethan Hunt: Para-surfing/gliding/ another exciting sport package.
  • Lisbeth Salander: Lots of new piercings. Tats. Hacker stuff.
  • Neo: Guns. LOTS of GUNS! Shades. Long coat.

  • Wolverine: Lumberjack shirt. Jeans. Cigars. Bottle o’ Scotch.
  • Katniss Everdeen: Bows. Arrows. Water-poofs. Boots.
  • Axel Foley: Baseball jacket. Shades. A night at a top Hotel.
  • Amélie Poulain: She will find joy and fascination in anything.
  • Harry Callahan: Tweed jackets. Guns. Coffee.
  • Anton Chigurh: Coins. New Haircut.

  • Lou Bloom: Video-camera. New Mirror. Therapy.
  • Ferris Bueller: Car. Computer. Day off.
  • Rocky Balboa: Porkpie hat. Boxing Gloves. Robot Butler.
  • General Zod: REVENGE! And the son of Jor-El!
  • Rick Blaine: Cigarettes. Tux. Ticket to Paris.
  • Marty McFly: Double denims. Trainers. Guitar.

  • Tyler Durden: Loud shirt. Leather Jacket. Soaps.
  • Aladdin: Three wishes should do it.
  • SUPERMAN/Clark Kent: Thick spectacles. Shirts. Crystals.
  • Rose Sayer: First Aid Kit. Insect repellent. Bottled water.

  • Sandy Olsson: Chewing gum. Biking leathers. Shades.
  • Annie Wilkes: A Paul Sheldon book anthology should be fine.
  • Tony Manero: Tight white suit. Body-oil. Bee-Gees Greatest Hits.
  • William Wallace: So long as he has FREEDOM, anything should be fine. Aye!
  • George Bailey: Just remind him his life is wonderful and worthy. And debt free.
  • Mary Poppins: Just a spoonful of sugar should be fine. Gloves/Hat/Bag also great.

Now, if you are not inspired by that list? Or encounter any tougher people to buy for? I present this amazing infographic to help! You’re most welcome. This is a nostalgic look at THE must haves of years past..which could still be the present / future!

The infographic was taken from Betway!




Nintendo is still relevant as retro-tech as much as updated console accessory.

Pokemon never really goes away. Ever. Just bounces back.

Lego is now a movie force in itself.

I like Tupperware. Until you lose the TOPS or it warps in a dish washer.

Frisbee is always fun.

Monopoly is best played as a movie tie in because the normal version is imho a tad dull.

Beware buying perfume for a girl. But you cannie go wrong with a wee Channel no. 5! So said an adorable Scots Girl I became v fond of.

Polaroid ticks all the boxes above. Timeless. Fun. Cinematic. Stylish.

Equally, if THAT does not work? Remember you can treat yourself, or others, responsibly to a wee flutter in time for Xmas /New Year events. 

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