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8 Reasons to Study Filmmaking

by James Murphy


Study Filmmaking to See the World with New Eyes



Cinema is not only fun but also a burgeoning industry with many career options. It is always open to new talent. From scriptwriting to acting to direction to cinematography, studying filmmaking opens up several interesting opportunities for you.

GoAssignmentHelp expert, Phillips Taylor, says, “If you are a natural storyteller or has an eye for fashion or a history buff or in love with music, filmmaking might be the right choice for you. The industry is buzzing with creative geniuses with a range of skills. Besides technical knowledge, filmmaking teaches you the business and marketing aspect of producing a film. Creativity and expression are, of course, the part of the package.”

If you still need convincing why to study filmmaking, we bring you the eight best reasons to do so:

1.     Use art for a social purpose.


Catherine Atencio, who recently took essay help online, shares, “Non-readers like me connect with art through cinema. Many people, including me, come to learn the content of some of the most popular books through the movies or documentaries made on them.” This shows how cinema can be used as a great educational tool or social awareness tools – if we are mindful. When you are a filmmaker, you can serve a social purpose through art and entertainment.


2.     Gain a better understanding of people.

Charlotte Weiss, an assignment helper in UK offering her services to filmmaking students online, says, “In the world of cinema and theatre, you need to study people carefully. You need to pay attention to their mannerisms, expressions, how they talk and walk, and how they will react to a given situation. This is essential to develop your characters appropriately. And this training naturally transfers to how your real-life interactions. You start observing how a person is responding to what you say. You start understanding their body language and non-verbal communication better. This is an important life skill that can help you succeed at work and in personal life.”


3.     Learn behind-the-scenes of History and Politics.


When you write a period story, you need to understand the political and historical events happening around them and how they influenced the lives of your characters. You need to consider the fashion trends at the time, how people used to think, and what cultural influences would come into play.

In filmmaking, you also learn about the history behind some of the most famous plays and movies – and the politics of the industry.


4.     Look at movies and plays with new eyes.


An average moviegoer looks at the storylines, music, fashion, and what the filmmakers want them to see. When you are an expert of the field, you see a lot more – symbolism, parallels between the characters, metaphors, and little mistakes that happen in movies (such as where the script is lousy or the continuity problems or technical errors). The knowledge also makes you appreciate the hard work of the entire film crew a lot more.

5.     Learn how much media impacts our culture and society.


As a student of filmmaking, you start understanding how the mainstream cinema, TV shows, commercials, music videos and web series influence our perspectives. You start understanding how different forms of media can make things socially acceptable or unacceptable, and how they can manipulate us into believing something which is not true. You also learn how to try and break such patterns and guide the audience to be aware of such manipulations.


6.     You learn more about the craft from the experts.


Joshua Black is pursuing his filmmaking degree from a famous film school. He shares, “Filmmaking is not a passive subject. You have to practice almost everything you learn. You get to test out the theory and hone your skills under some of the best filmmakers of our times. It is an honour to share space with them – and learning from them is a dream-come-true. A great advantage of joining one of the top film schools is that you get on-the-job training to hone the essential skills and several opportunities to propel your career under wonderful mentors.”


7.     It’s the most empowering degree with several transferable skills.


Besides developing industry-related talent, the filmmaking course helps you master several skills that are transferable to thousands of jobs outside the industry. You learn human resource management, basics of finance management, as well as project management. Making films is part creativity and part resource and team management. You learn to be original and think out of the box, and also respect deadlines and keep an eye on how you are using the funds.


8.     You create your own opportunities.


Everyone needs entertainment. In the times of recession or even great depression, people still crave plays and movies that can help them forget the day-to-day miseries or motivate them to overcome the challenges they are facing. In good times, people love to expand their horizons and explore worlds they had never delved into before. You can create your unique identity by presenting novelty to the people and create new work opportunities at any given time.


A filmmaking degree is a must for an aspiring filmmaker but even if you choose to be in a different profession, there’s a lot you can learn from this course.



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