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Sustainability Documentaries

by James Murphy


Have you wondered about the sustainability of the universe?

Here is a list of documentaries from Usessaywriters.com that will inspire you, make you think, and explore sustainability issues:



(1) Tomorrow

This is one of the influential documentary based on the research of environmental and social challenges and the best possible ways to prevent them. Filmmakers traveled and looked for communities and individuals and at last, reached the idea of challenges and their solutions. You will get a lot to learn about energy, the economy, and education. This documentary will give you time to rethink this perspective.

(2) Chasing Coral

You must have heard about world coral reefs but this documentary will take you on a marvelous journey about the hidden world of coral reefs. This film is based on a coral reef’s sudden disappearance, forcing a certain team of diverse scientists to embark on a mysterious journey.

(3) The 4th Revolution: Energy Autonomy

This documentary is providing 100% renewable energy’s fascinating idea. This film revolves around a world where energy can be decentralized and evenly distributed in capitals.

(4) Cowspiracy

This documentary has a new insight. It points out real global challenges which are not about shifting energy but consumption of food. It picks up the topic that the world’s leading environmental organizations are not even ready to discuss. This film brings forward the distractive impact of the dairy industry on our planet.

(5) Before the flood

Talking about global warming we can refer to a sustainability documentary casting Leonardo DiCaprio’s on national geography. It features the journey of 5 continents and the arctic showing climate changes and people facing them and how they are tackling it.

(6) The Ivory Game

This movie features dark Ivory trafficking and highlights the reality behind elephants’ disappearance from Africa to the streets of China. This movie represents the struggle of people for saving wildlife putting their own lives in danger.

(7) More The Honey

This documentary refers to the importance of species in the agriculture industry and what will happen if they become extinct. It features the decline in bee colonies mad what is the main reason behind their disappearance.

(8) Blood In Mobiles

This film is based on a very unique idea regarding mobile phones. Nowadays everybody possesses mobile phones but have you ever thought about where the material used in it comes from? This documentary reveals how conflicted mineral congo (can) is and after how many conflicts it ends up in your cellphone.

(9) Manufactured landscapes

This movie uncovers the ugly truth of human activities that are altering all-natural and breathtaking landscapes. It includes certain videos and photos of an artist showing landscapes that have been changed by disastrous human activities.

(10) Planetary

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a human? This documentary will compel you to give a thought about yourself, what we mean as a species, and give you a Total new perspective of being a human. This documentary addresses global challenges way beyond what can be described by any technological fixes.





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