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What would a Joss Whedon Avengers 3 and 4 have looked like?

by James Murphy

Wanda is not the only one who can spin alternative realities..

WANDAVISION has improved, I admit. But that is down, almost entirely, to a cameo from another actor I shall not spoil..though save to say it’s a she and they are adorable. And they steal the show, as always. Kooky, sexy, lovely.

Back on topic. What if Joss Whedon HAD done Avengers 3 and /or 4? I suspect he would have wrapped at 3; given us a nice trilogy and thereby kickstarted the next Marvel phase, far earlier.

Why did he leave? Well, nobody knows the whole story. I will not fill in blanks, either. But he was burned out after Age of Ultron. It’s an interesting film, full of Shakespearean subtext and subtle touches. Visually stunning, funny, compelling. But it is also overlong, repetitive and a lot of filler.

The often mistaken motif of Back Widow calling herself a ‘monster’ for not having kids was just that: mistaken. She means (or Joss meant) that she as a trained assassin is a monster; not cannot have kids = monster. But it was foolish even going there in a family oriented action adventure film.

The simple reality is that CIVIL WAR upstaged Age of Ultron? Cue the Russo Bros monopoly? Maybe. It certainly feels like a more satisfying Avengers picture and indeed an Iron Man 2 and 3 than the actual counterparts. But it’s also preachy, over-earnest and pseudo-erudite. There is nothing to indicate that the Russos are innately more gifted as filmmakers than was Joss.

At a glance..and just guessing..here are my educated, quasi-informed shots at a Whedon iteration of more Avenging..

    • Tony Stark lives! And the final shot is of he and Pepper doing up a nursery, thereby matching and mirroring the building Avengers HQ at the end of the first film. 
    • Funnier, zippier, faster dialogue, throughout.
    • Hawkeye dies? Seriously, who would miss him?! Joss as good as telegraphs it in Age of Ultron.
    • The supernatural takes centre stage. Avengers 1 = aliens. 2= tech. 3 = full on ghosts/zombies/inter-dimensional vengeful Gods.
    • Thanos still the big bad. But as mad titan, properly. In love with Death (as hinted at in the post credits of the first Avengers movie).

  • Pre Disney buying Fox, ok. But suspect Whedon would have found ways to unite studios, franchises and make the final battles even more epic.
  • Agent Coulson’s fate clarified. Resurrected? Joss not a fan of the compromise reached on Agents of Shield I think, even though he signed off on said, presumably?!
  • Ending on a high; ultimate stakes but bigger reward. Return of the Jedi, for Marvel. 

Alas, in the real world, that never happened. Hope springs eternal for a Whedon script edit on some more blockbusters. Unless of course he really has been ‘cancelled’ (in which case: why/how/where: needs specific, clarified, charge, surely?..if not..we are missing out on a great talent, needlessly so..). 


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