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What we all learned from Captain Sir Tom Moore

by James Murphy

The World mourns an Inspirational Hero, Today.

He gave us Hope To Relish the fight for Tomorrow.

Col. Sir Tom, RIP. Yes, Colonel. He was promoted! Why? Well that’s key to the man’s appeal, legacy and the lessons he taught us all.

I shan’t try an obituary, because I cannot do him justice. You know the story: field operative in WW2. Engineer, who excelled in motorbike deployment. Businessman, innovating in construction; building a company from the ground up. Father, Husband, Grandfather, survivor.

That’s an incredible life. But he managed so much more, in just one year of that span, than many do in decades.

At a glance? Were I to try and express what the man’s charm was, for me? I’d go along the lines of..

  • FUN!! That’s right. Captain Tom liked FUN. Loved to laugh and face a challenge. All amidst the company of beautiful women (Amanda Holden, Joan Collins: he loved them all and they adored him). No sanctimony; no didactic sermonising. This was an empathetic, ethical soul, who relished life. Never defined by being ‘old’.

  • SUPERMAN /EVERYMAN: Moore had special skill sets. No question. He was adaptable. Right to the end! At the same time, there was an accessibility. He was all of us, transcending the boundaries of age and class. THAT is the best of British!


  • THE FIGHTER: He styed ACTIVE, ALWAYS! Just over two years ago, he was almost knocked out, forever, by a fall. He got up, after excellent care and as a result, we all had the gift of his inspiration when it was needed most.


  • ADVENTURE! He made everything an age appropriate challenge, without losing the spark. As a young man, of course, it was an actual war he fought (and helped to win). At 100: Cue a record breaking fund raising drive and an injection of optimism from which the nation and indeed, the world, benefited.


  • WAR! There is a cinematic synergy: our hero went down in a fight against an enemy that the next generation must now confront and defeat. Mythological. Obi Wan Kenobi / Han Solo/ a n other mentor in action movie moment. It’s how movies work: bring back an old icon to pass the baton, but have that happen IN a shared battle, rather than some depressingly self reflective defeat by old age alone. If you do make that movie about him, cast with those qualities in mind. Paging Harrison Ford?…


  • DISCIPLINE! NEVER let it be said that appearance is irrelevant. Aesthetics count. Captain Tom was never unshaven, unkempt or seen out of immaculate collar and tie. That sense of purpose and precision in presentation was paramount: a vital force, right to the end.

Above all? Captain Tom loved his family and they adored him. My condolences to them, especially his lovely daughter, Hannah, who helped stage manage his recent public profile, in the face of unprecedented interest. Must be in the genes! 🙂 

The aura of care, joy and radiant optimism, indefinitely: Captain Tom personified those, with panache.  Let us be grateful to have been blessed by that gift. Honour the inspirational quality in your own endeavours.  

ps: if you are politicising the death, on Twitter? Try getting an actual LIFE, instead, yeah? Then tomorrow might just be a better day.


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