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Write an Essay on Films in five steps.

by James Murphy

Follow these steps..

It is 2 pm, and you are on your sixth lesson of the day. The teacher enters your class and immediately exclaims, “I will be assigning you essays based on the film for today.” Being tired as ever, you may not be ready to exert effort on it. At that moment, sleeping right on your desk might sound like a better option than working on the assigned task. 

Well, all of us have been there.

Writing essays can be an exciting task for some while tedious for others. This is because essays require creativity, which may not effectively come to you at all times.

Nevertheless, specific academic sites, e.g., Researchprospect.com, can help you improve your essays through providing the comprehensive guides on How to write an essay and how to choose right dissertation topics.

Are you looking for an effective step-by step guide on how to write essays on films? We have got you. Our guide on writing an essay on films might encourage you to efficiently work on your pending essays while saving up on time and energy.

Step#1 Draw it out


Before you jump into writing the essay, you will have to plan out the essay structure.

This structure must include the starting point, middle point, and the ending note of your essay. You can do so by researching and making notes alongside that.

While outlining the structure, do consider the requirement of the essay. Also, we recommend you highlight the critical terms and build up your essay around them.

As far as the essay on films is concerned, choose the specific film and write a close analysis on it to start.

Step#2 Research 

Once you are done with the initial structure, carry out detailed research on the film you selected earlier.

This research shall include the film genre, the characters, and the critical aspects of the plot.

All of such details will help you to carry out a detailed analysis of the film. Moreover, it might as well improve the quality of your essay.

Once you are done with the research on the aspects mentioned above, move onto the film’s stylistic approach.

Are you confused about what is the stylistic approach? It is the editing, performance of the actors, and the camera focus throughout the film. Also, do make notes to put information down in an organized manner.

Aside from these, you can focus on less prominent details as well. These include the colors, aesthetics, and costume designs of the film. You can also perform thematic analysis for Research.

Step#3 Cut it down 

Once you have amalgamated a reasonable amount of information regarding the film, you will have to narrow it down.

For doing this, it is imperative to understand the relationship between the essay question you are assigned and the film you chose earlier in the initial steps.

When you know what the question demands, selecting useful information and cutting down on the unimportant notes will be a lot easier.

Therefore, you will have a better road map on writing the essay on films and the useful information regarding it.

Step#4 Refer to secondary means

Research can be primary and secondary.

Primary refers to collecting data according to your need and combining it for usage, while secondary research is when you refer to already combined data used previously for other methods.

After you are done with the primary research in the steps mentioned above, you can dig into the literature, reviews, and articles to support your point of analysis in the essay. These secondary resources might also help you in refining your analytical points.

You can either quote the resources while attempting the essay or refer to it in a flow without further details.

Referencing in the essays can add significant value. It not only shows how well researched you are, but it represents the vastness of your knowledge.


Step#5 Organizing the essay

Now, this step might be similar to the first step, but it is far more critical.

Once you have all the information and the initial structure handy, it is imperative to organize the structure according to its need.

At this point, you can alter the initial structure you drew previously.

Moreover, your essay should not have an abrupt start and a direct analysis of the film. There shall be a smooth transition between the beginning of the essay and the main body.

Eventually, the ending should be a quick wrap up of what is discussed above. If the question requires, you may pass your verdict.

In this way, your essay will be arranged in a logical sequence, which might lead to an improvement in your overall grade.


To conclude, essays might look dull at very first sight, but the more you dig into them, the more attractive they get. All you need is a bit of motivation alongside a cup of coffee to get going.


About the Author:
Ellie Cross is a Content Manager at Essays.uk who has been assisting students for a long time. Ellie have been part of Essays UK since its inception and have seen all the ups and downs it has faced in all those years. She manage a growing team of great writers and content marketers who are contributing to a great extent to help students with their academics.




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