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Movies About Casinos

by James Murphy


The atmosphere of a casino cannot be compared to anything else. The sound of roulette, a poker table, beautiful ladies, and elegant men – is there anyone who doesn’t love that? All this works like a magnet luring people to the casino. But if you cannot find yourself in a real large gambling house, you should not despair. 


To feel the atmosphere of excitement and luxury, it is enough to watch films about casinos. They will impress you not only with plot twists but also with spectacular special effects. Of course, the list of movies about casinos is huge, but we have selected the most iconic ones. Get to know about success stories from real gamblers – they will inspire you to hunt the biggest progressive jackpots in Canada and land a large-scale win in your pocket.


Casino Royale

Brief information:


  • Release date – 2006;
  • Box office gross – $599,045,960;
  • Genre – action, adventure.


The movie tells the story of Agent 007 at a time when he had not yet received a “license to kill” from British intelligence MI6. These are the early years of Bond’s work in the service of Her Majesty, but now he poses a real threat to the underworld. MI6 found out that Dimitrios (the terrorist) was linked to Le Chiffre, a major terrorist banker who lost $ 100 million in airline shares to the Bond-averted terrorist attack. To get the money back, he organizes a poker tournament at the famous Casino Royale, Montenegro. MI6 decides to send Bond there as one of the best players to bring money home. These days, with modern technologies and lockdown restrictions, it’s possible they would have to play poker online

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Brief information:


  • Release date – 1998;
  • Box office gross – $28,000,000;
  • Genre – crime, black comedy, action.


Four adventurous London friends – Eddie, “Fat” Tom, “Soap” and “Bacon” – are in trouble. Due to a dastardly deception in a card game with a serious bandit Harry “Ax” Lonsdale, they have lost just everything. Instead of the expected winnings in two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, they owe him this amount, which they do not have. This is where the interesting part starts since the four are to deliver the gob in a week. What will they do? How are they going to get the money? Find all answers in this movie from Guy Ritchie.


A huge list of casino movies proves that this topic is popular with both filmmakers and moviegoers. Nothing will change any time soon. If the action takes place in a casino, then the film will hardly be boring. In addition, such a film setting gives the director a lot of options for the plot development. Any doubts? Then check any of the two movies that we have picked for you.



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