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5 Best Colleges and Universities for Acting, Theatre, and Drama

by James Murphy


For hundreds of graduating from high school every year, performing arts is one of the most attractive careers to pursue. Acting, dance, music, theatre – these are the most lucrative careers to pursue for many young students in spite of the struggles involved.

How Will You Make the Choice?

In the States, many colleges offer fantastic specialized courses in Acting and Drama. Performing arts can consist of many different branches. Acting, theatre, and drama are a combined branch of this field and some of the most sought-after courses.
But before opting for one of these courses, a few things have to be kept in mind:

  • How will the course help to further the effort of a student’s career in acting?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the school in consideration?
  • What is the alumni base of the college, and how much exposure can be expected?
  • Does the course offer any specialty?
  • Extra-curricular activities on and off-courses


Considering all these factors, let us see what are the 5 best colleges to watch out for when it is time to select the course for a career in Acting, Theatre, and Drama.

The Top 5 List

1.     The Juilliard School

One of the most exclusive schools of performing arts, the Juilliard School selects a very limited number of students every year. Around 8-10 students are chosen for their programs in Drama and Dance (BFA and MFA).


It is safe to assume that enrolling here can be quite difficult, so the best essay writing services can potentially increase your chance to apply here. However, ensure to focus on achieving a good performance as well.
Source: juilliard.edu


It is one of the highest-rated colleges in the USA, boasting a long list of success stories, hundreds of awards in Acting and Theatre, and shining alumni. If a student wants a kick-start to their career, this is definitely the best place to find themselves in.

Source: juilliard.edu

2.     Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University was the first degree-granting institution in the United States. The amazing faculty of this school is made up of excellent theatre and acting professionals like Judith Light, Ted Danson, Zachary Quinto and so many more.


Source: drama.cmu.edu

One of the most important factors to consider of this school is that it offers specialized degrees in theatre, music, and drama that the students can choose depending on their aptitude. Students get plenty of stage opportunities, as the school puts up close to 20 performances every year across California, Pittsburgh, and New York – where a number of industry professionals are present.

3.     Yale University

What is a list of schools in the USA, without mention of the Ivy Leagues? This school is more popular for its Master’s programme in performing arts rather than the Bachelors/Majors. On stage acting, direction, stage design, and a wide range of networking opportunities – these are some of the most important highlights of the programme offered.

Source: drama.yale.edu


Boasting alumni like Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Sigourney Weaver and so many more – the Yale School of Drama gives a wide range of opportunities to its students. Thus, creating the new age of acting professionals.

4.     Northwestern University

With its high academic standards and an acceptance rate of around 8%, it can be quite challenging to be accepted in Northwestern. Even though there is no necessary requirement of an audition during the acceptance, it is not easy to find a place in their programme.


Source: northwestern.edu


An award-winning alumni list and a vastly connected industry network, it is indeed a place of opportunity. There are a number of shows put up in Chicago and New York that give many performing chances to the students.

5.     University of Southern California

Located in the heart of the film industry, USC is a place to be for all the opportunities for students to avail themselves. The school is more popular as a film school but has a brilliant faculty of drama and acting.


Source: usc.edu/school-of-dramtic-arts


There are various programmes for students to select from. More interestingly, these programmes can be “customized” to fit the student’s needs – ranging from foundation courses of drama to stand-up comedy. This is definitely a place for students to find some creative freedom.

Dedication is the Key

No matter which field of study one goes into, dedication and determination are the most important traits to have. For branches of performing arts, the talent has to be backed up by utmost dedication in order to achieve success. Now, if you get stuck somewhere, you can always fall upon writinguniverse.com for curated guidance and tips.


The road may be long and difficult, but if one has the resolve – the whole process from a good school to the stage or in front of the camera would be totally worth it.

And, once you graduate? Or while studying? Why not top up your theatre knowledge by visiting a few plays!


Author: Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a professional writer, essay, and business writer with a number of years in the industry. Her services are mostly targeted at university students with their academic papers and assignments. Her work is definitely a go-to solution for young adults and students to improve their writing skills.


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