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Amazing Alice in Wonderland Spin-Offs

by James Murphy


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have been a huge inspiration to many talented developers and directors, and these are some of the best examples.

Lewis Carroll was the original genius behind the story of Alice in Wonderland, though many of us will have first become familiar with the character from watching Disney’s 1951 version. Since then there has been just one other portrayal of Alice that has reached such dizzying heights, which was directed by Tim Burton and starred Mia Wasikowska as Alice. This film was released in 2010 and shortly afterward a great raft of games, films, and television series would come forwards.

Burton had created a slightly darker twist on the children’s story and it certainly inspired a great number of makers. Some of the spin-offs were a little predictable, but others really stood out. It’s always difficult to follow such a strong film, but these spin-offs have definitely taken the subject matter and made it their own. If you love the whimsical world that Alice explores then you’ll enjoy getting to know these brilliant spin-offs.

The Cheshire Cat, Game

Alice in Wonderland has inspired many game developers. Most have turned out as full-length adventure-style games, but if you’d like to find out about one that you can play right now then keep reading. The Cheshire Cat game is a slots-style game that takes the Alice in Wonderland theme very seriously. The game features four spinning reels, each adorned with images that you’ll recognize from the film. The mad March hare, the smoking caterpillar, the growing cake, and the shrinking potion are all beautifully illustrated, whilst the famous grin of the Cheshire cat signifies a free square that can be used to match with any of the other reels. The theme tune is different from the film, with a more light-hearted and whimsical feel. For those who’ve not tried slots before, it’s a very simple format to pick up. You can play The Cheshire Cat game by going to Vegas Slots Online. It’s available to play for free, meaning you can try it out to see if you like it, before staking any of your own money on the paid version.

Come Away, Film

Come Away was released late last year to warm reviews. Although the film isn’t based entirely on Alice in Wonderland, it does take enormous inspiration from the story when it comes to the part played by Keira Chansa. The plot follows three children who love to play make-believe outside in the rural British countryside, one of whom is eight-year-old Alice. Her two siblings are David and Peter, both inspired by famous fairytale characters, Peter Pan and the leader of the Lost Boys. When disaster strikes each of the two younger children, Peter and Alice, starts their own adventures in Neverland and Wonderland respectively. The film is beautiful to watch, with incredibly imaginative ways of bringing new life to these surprisingly well-explored fairytale lands.

 Come Away seeks to explore a dreamier, more childlike image of what might be through the looking glass. If you’re looking for something to do of a rainy evening, then this film will provide a truly magical escape.

Alice: Madness Returns, Game

Being released just a year after Tim Burton’s Alice film, this game clearly took some inspiration from some of the more sinister of Burton’s characters. This game is certainly not for those looking for a fairytale, but rather a slasher videogame with some terrifying twists. Although the game is a decade old now, it has certainly stood the test of time and is compatible with most modern consoles. The main storyline in the game follows a character called Alice Liddell, a girl who is suffering the effects of losing her whole family. Since being discharged from the psychiatric ward, Alice has been moved into a home for orphans who’ve suffered great trauma. Struggling to come to terms with what has happened already in her short life, she falls into a dreamlike state known as Wonderland. Far from being the kooky place we remember from the films, this game believes Wonderland to be a great deal darker. This game deals with some difficult themes in a tactful, but still pretty scary way. We suggest following a couple of hours of this with a nice sweet cup of tea!








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