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Is CLUELESS 2 happening?

by James Murphy


Consider the evidence / possibilities: Alicia Silverstone is doing a LOT of social media of late, with a CLUELESS theme. Purely circumstantial, right? The lady uses the tool a lot in any event as the stunning humanitarian that she is. That being said..TIK TOK viral videos, with her dressed in costumes from the 1995 rom-com classic? Posting on the actual CLUELESS page on FACEBOOK? come on, something is afoot, surely? And if not, then it darn well should be. And here is why..

  • Now is boom-time for 90s nostalgia and the soft reboot / resurrection of beloved symbols.
  • We also have a new generation of teens and twenty something kids, possessed of their own distinctive lingo, style and accessory tech.
  • Like, Hello! No brainer to replicate the satire of that phenomenon.


  • Alicia’s Cher is a character whose appeal is not restricted to the age group or era she represented. Unlike some action heroes who are forced to take the same clobber out of moth balls, reluctantly, amidst a sea of CGI and faux nostalgia. 😉
  • The original movie’s idiom is sort of still in place. Indeed, one could make a case that it is more prevalent than ever?
  • The very concept of WOKE is PURE Cher as played by Silverstone. A sequel can simultaneously play to and satirise the trend, without ever compromising tonal cohesion. So long as the warmth is there.
  • Writer/director Amy Heckerling has form for reading the market on comedy and thereby innovating. She also knows how to make a sequel or two.


    • If Paul Rudd returned, alongside Alicia? You get ANT-MAN / Marvel association. Instant monies generated at the Box Office, opening weekend and beyond.
    • Maybe there is a nice tribute to the late, much missed, great Brittany Murphy in this CLUELESS sequel, too (a wall portrait hangs in a home?).
    • Perhaps Christian is still Cher’s best gay buddy..only he turns straight, thereby like totally confusing his beloved friend?

  • CAPTAIN MARVEL owed a lot to the CLUELESS soundtrack. Just think what the streaming playlists alone could do for both music and film businesses? 90s throwback tracks plus today’s hottest hits? Bingo!
  • The lifestyle accessories and design would also be an asset. Vicarious wealth, for all demographics, watching together!
  • There were many parallel / similar takes on material down the years. LEGALLY BLONDE. MEAN GIRLS. TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU.  Each /any/all of those, and more, coulda’ been a Clueless sequel. Sadly they weren’t; but the deficit can be rectified, albeit twenty years late!


    • The original movie was an adaptation of Jane Austen’s EMMA (ironically, a more faithful version than many actual period pieces) For this sequel, why not just take another bodice ripping rom-com and update it, too?
    • Picture Alicia as an over-protective Cher, mothering her teen/twenty something kids and frantically trying to match them to an appropriate suitor. Perhaps she has not yet quite shaken off her high school power broker image? Work wise, I picture her anchoring a sports show, maybe on CNN. Kinda like THIS lovely presenter here?
    • This would still be Alicia’s movie but give the next generation of Chers stuff to do, via modern slant on Pride and Prejudice /Sense and Sensibility (hey..make it a trilogy!). 

  • Fairly fast to write, produce, direct, edit and release to surefire success. And in all players’ interests, possibly even igniting a long overdue Silverstone renaissance? I adore her, anyway.
  • The post pandemic world is ready for a cinematic feel-good booster jab. ONLY CLUELESS 2 can do it. Stop teasing us and green-light it!


So: you heard it here, first. #CLUELESS2 #STILLCLUELESS #CLUEDUP: SUMMER 2023..




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