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Evaluation Essay on a Movie: 10 Tips for Writing

by James Murphy

Writing an evaluation essay on a movie can be both difficult and easy — everything depends on how much time you have, how interested you are in the plot, and how strongly you are determined to write a quality paper. You can write a brief essay, a standard one, like hundreds of others, following samples and your friends’ opinions, or you can create an original evaluation piece analyzing, at least at the basic level, cinematic, psychological and sociocultural aspects of the movie. Here, we will explain how to do the latter.

Analysis of the movie’s cinematic component of the movie

Define the groups of analyzed materials

The analyzed material is divided into two groups. The first group is the content aspect and the answer to the question: “What did the author of the film want to say?” The second group is the pictorial aspect and the answer: “How did the author of the film do this?”

Analyze the plot

There are many ways to analyze the plot of the movie, but we recommend following a step-by-step structure. First, pay attention to the obvious actions. What is this movie about? What are people actually doing? Note down a chronological line of actions. Later, turn to decisions. Which decisions bring characters to each point in their lives? Define several major decisions, the ones that twist and drive the plot. Write about them. 


Read about other movies created by the same writer/director. It is perfect if you happened to watch them before or have enough time to watch now. Find similar plot twists, compare the line of actions and decisions with the line of actions and decisions of the movie you need to analyze. Normally, professors like such analytical work very much and you can earn some extra points for this part.

Analysis of the movie’s psychological component 

Start with asking questions

  • Did you like the movie or not? Why? What exactly did you like, what did you dislike, what caught my attention?
  • What is the plot of the film, the sequence of events, the characters?
  • What is the psychological portrait of each hero: personality traits, moral principles, character traits, demeanors, life history, etc.?
  • What is the relationship between the characters, their history and characteristics?
  • Have I seen similar situations and relationships in my life?
  • Which of the heroes do I like / dislike the most and why? Who do I sympathize with and why? Which of the heroes do I or someone of my acquaintances look like? Who would I like to be like?
  • What is the communication style of the characters in the film? How do they solve their problems?
  • What would I change in the situation and how would I act in the place of the hero / heroes? What needs to be done for this? What would I take for myself as a role model? What do I think is right or wrong? Who, in my opinion, is right, who is wrong, who is to blame and why?
  • What would have happened if this or that hero had acted differently?

Focus on the key findings

You obviously cannot add all the answers to these questions to your essays. Focus on the ones which you find the most relevant to the story, to the perception of the entire plot. The major idea is to find the “answers” which are given in this movie better, brighter than in others. For this, again, you need some experience with watching movies of the same kind. If you don’t have it and don’t have time to gain it right away, write about the answers to the questions that are the most relevant to your situation or interests.

Find movies with a similar psychological component

As you can see, we always draw your attention to the comparison with other works. Unfortunately, you cannot write a quality movie evaluation essay if you don’t watch enough movies, at least in some particular genre. When you can find a movie with a similar psychological component in your arsenal, you can show differences and similarities, seeing how this particular movie works with the chosen issues. 

Analysis of the movie’s sociocultural component 

Ask for assistance if necessary

There is a chance that at this point you understand that writing a movie evaluation essay at the needed level of quality is a more complicated task than previously imagined. There is nothing to panic about. You can always address someone from an essay writing service for expert help who could easily write papers for you. Movie analysis essay writing requires time and experience. If you don’t have both, it is better to delegate this assignment to the esteemed writers, who will prepare a needed evaluation based on your requirements before the stated deadline. All the materials are 100% original and protected by a money-back guarantee. Also, you can use a received custom evaluation essay as a learning sample material for your further similar assignments.

Find the right context

Explain why the writer/director put the plot into this particular sociocultural context. There are not so many plots out there — love, betrayal, search, war, exploring new territories, etc. Your task at this point is to define why this mixture of standard plots was placed in this particular context. For example, why the story of love and betrayal in this author’s understanding takes place in modern Brazil, not ancient Greece. What does it bring to the story?

Think of writer’s/director’s goals

This point is just another part of the previous tip on writing a movie evaluation essay — once you have analyzed psychological, sociocultural and cinematic components, think of the goal that might have driven the screenwriter and director of this movie. Of course, you cannot just guess it, your task here is to give some plausible suggestions. Make sure to write whether you think they have reached their goals or not. 


We can give you many more tips — proofread your essay, check other sources, use other services, rest before editine, read your essay aloud, etc. However, we bet you know what to do in order to make your essay shine. 



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