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6 Important Things You Need To Know If Shooting A Company Commercial

by James Murphy



A company commercial is a vital marketing activity that can bring various benefits for your business brand and image. However, making a company commercial should not be taken lightly, as there are factors that affect its proper execution. The quality and substance of the commercial can determine if your company will go downhill or shoot upwards in the future. Some important things you to know about shooting a company commercial are shared here to help your business enhance its marketing campaign and be successful.




1.   Get Your Pre-Production Plans Ready

Commercials are not spontaneous or spur-of-the-moment activities. They are results of thorough planning and preparation. In Singapore, where most of the country has bustling business locations and districts, any Singapore video production company would recommend creating a storyboard and shooting script for your commercial. It not only makes the production company’s job easier but also puts your business in control of the commercial’s envisioned outcome. You can include brand promotions and scenes depicting the vision, mission, and value of your business.


2.   Mind Your Budget

Now that you have planned how your commercial will look like, you should research the cost of a production company’s services. You also need to determine the duration of your commercial. A 10, 20, or 30-second commercial can have varying charge rates. Get quotes from your production company candidates before picking one and get a contract drawn up and signed.

This way, you can prepare your company’s commercial budget and avoid disputes when the final bill gets sent out after the project.


3.   Get the Presenters Involved in the Preparation

Most company commercials do not involve professional actors. Hiring actors can be costly, and it does not help much in giving an authentic and human representation of your business. Brief the presenters or interview subjects on what they need to do, and make it as early as possible before the day of the shoot. It will give them ample time to prepare and rehearse, minimizing mistakes and wasted time. Keep the script concise and allow them the freedom to present their parts comfortably.


4.   Know the Importance of Positioning

Most video production companies know the positioning and how to draw the focal points of audiences towards points of interest in a shot. Knowing this essential bit of information will help you decide which scenes, logos, icons, or objects are best placed near the presenters to improve identification and retention. It is also easier for you to collaborate with the production staff on the best position or angles the presenters should be placed for maximum aesthetic impact.


5.   Pay Attention to the Audio and Acoustics

How the words and messages get delivered to your audience needs quality audio and acoustics. It’s not just the video that matters in a commercial. How empathetic and compelling the words placed in the video also give significant weight to your commercial’s message. Again, professional actors and actresses are not needed for this task. There are raw talents you can discover from your employees. Hold auditions or ask for volunteers who can do voiceovers for the commercial. This move saves you production costs and improves the relationship of your business with its employees.


6.   Add a Call to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are not only effective in your business website. They can also be effectively employed in your company commercials. Discuss with your production company which part of the video your CTA can be placed for maximum effectiveness. Whether it is a call for subscription, purchase, registration, or visiting your website, your CTA can influence how your viewers will act, and this can positively affect your company’s sales.




The role of a company commercial cannot be underestimated in this digital age. Even if the source of information of most consumers is the internet, videos still have a significant influence over how they decide or perceive products and services. Making your company commercially relevant, sincere, and evocative can draw your viewers to your business and have positive implications for its growth in the future.


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