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Most Common Slots Questions Answered 

by James Murphy

Ever since the dawn of human civilization our species has absolutely loved the concept of gambling, with there being sufficient archaeological evidence to suggest that humans were gambling tens of thousands of years ago. Of course, the modern gambling world is vastly different to the very simplistic gambling games being played all that time ago, but the point still stands – we just love to gamble even on slots sites!

Over the last few hundred years the emergence of actual casinos has been a massive factor in the global proliferation of gambling games. Without casinos, for example, we wouldn’t have hugely exciting games like roulette, and, of course, slots. Slots are by far the most played casino games in the world in the 21st century, and that should ultimately come as no surprise – they are just so good! Anyhow, keep reading for some of the most common slots questions answered…. 

Who invented slots? 

One question that is always bound to be on people’s lips when it comes to slots is this one – who invented these incredible games in the first place? If you have never explored the world of casino history we would really recommend it, as you can find out so much interesting stuff about the history of your favourite games. 

In relation to slots, for example, the early history is very compelling. The first commercially successful slot machine was invented by a man called Charles D. Fey, who crafted his Liberty Bell machine back in the last years of the 1800s. The funny thing here is that gambling was still illegal at the time, which meant that the only legal slot machines could only give fruit sweet prizes, hence the term “fruit machine”. 

What are some different types of slots? 

Back in the early days of slot machine gambling entertainment there was only one basic type of slot machine to do your gambling on, however in the 21st century this has completely changed. Indeed, these days there are so many different types of slot game around; let’s explore a few options below: 

  •       Progressive jackpot slots: Progressive jackpot slots are some of the most appealing, mainly because the prizes on offer are absolutely sky-high. You see, with progressive jackpots the prize pot increases with each losing spin, and as you might imagine, this means the overall jackpot can get seriously huge quite quickly.
  •       Megaways slots: If you want a great example of how outrageously advanced and modern the 21st century slots industry is you just have to take a look at Megaways slots. Originally designed by Big Time Gaming, these slots have over 100,000 ways to win! Mental, right? 

How can I win the most money on slots? 

Pretty much all slot gamblers are going to be wondering about this – how can I win the most money on slots? There is no set way, but following a few of these tips will definitely help: 

  •       High RTP: Choose high RTP slots and you will be giving yourself a much better chance of winning money.
  •       Budget effectively: Budgeting is without a doubt one of the most important things to keep in mind when playing slots.


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