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Must-Watch: The Best Movies featuring Leprechauns

by James Murphy


Leprechauns are perhaps one of the most famous stereotypical elements of Irish culture, with many people around the world having been exposed to the mythical individual via a plethora of different entertainment forms.


For instance, there are a plethora of different slot titles that are available, with readers able to learn all about the incredibly popular Rainbow Riches casino games here where they will find that the leprechaun has been made available as wild icons, whilst there have also been a number of references to the little man who typically has ginger hair and is dressed head-to-toe in green on TV, in shows and films that have aired.


In fact, there are a number of excellent movies to have been produced and created by directors within Hollywood and elsewhere that have depicted the Irish character as a lead role or as someone who has an incredibly important role but each in a variety of different ways.


Those listed below are just some of the biggest and best must-watch films to feature a leprechaun and some that will come highly recommended.


Finian’s Rainbow (1968)


Perhaps one of the best films to feature on this list that includes a leprechaun, “Finian’s Rainbow” was created and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and stars Fred Astaire.


Playing the role of a lovable rogue named Finian McLonergan, Astaire runs off to America with the gold he has managed to find, although Og (played by Tommy Steele) is the leprechaun he has stolen it from and is desperate to find him and recover it. However, he actually finds a woman that he falls in love with and turns into a human.


Although this film was created in 1968, it is one that followed a different approach to many other titles that will appear in this list.


Red Clover (2012)


For those who want to know how different leprechauns can be portrayed in films, then it would be worth watching “Red Clover” as this will take things in a whole new direction. The 2012 film, which has also gone by the name of “Leprechaun’s Revenge” features a scary figure who is looking for exact revenge.


The leprechaun, played by Kevin Mangold, returns to a town that had initially banished it to another destination after being accidentally set free by Karen O’Hara. Thankfully, the girl’s father is the Sheriff (Connor O’Hara played by Billy Zane) who sets about trying to get rid of the mythical being in order to save his town.


Leprechaun (1993)


Arguably one of the films that many will think of in an instant in regards to the mythical character, but perhaps the one that highlights just how dangerous they can be if an individual were to get on the wrong side of them if they existed in reality.


The “Leprechaun” movie featured Warwick Davis playing the lead character in which he was evil and rather grumpy. However, as he is trying to get his treasure pot of gold back, it is probably understandable that he is the way that he is. Either way, anyone that came across him would do their best to remain well away from him!


Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)


There have been a number of different movies following the original “Leprechaun” title series that was mentioned just above, as Davis would take his horror character on a number of different adventures that all featured murderous activities.


There have been journeys in which he took a trip to Las Vegas, whilst he has also gone to “the hood” on two occasions. However, in 1997, Lubdan (the character’s name) decided to head into space where he courted an alien princess named Zarina in an attempt to try and take over the planet and become king. However, she also has the same idea as both plan to kill each other after the night of the wedding so they could enjoy the benefits that they had married into.


The film is rather disturbing at times and downright creepy, but when you consider it is a science fiction black comedy slasher film, then it would probably be fair to suggest to expect the unexpected. Nonetheless, it is a memorable one and one that should be considered a must-watch!




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