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5 Best Movies about Social Media

by James Murphy

It is always interesting to see how movies have migrated towards portraying our lives in the digital age. Social media has opened up opportunities to us all, and at the touch of a button, we can share our thoughts, events, snippets of our daily life, and more with family and friends across the globe. There are many different ways that social media is used in society; from finding love interests to networking, to getting international news updates, to businesses being able to buy Twitter followers using growth services like Twesocial, and all of them as fun and quirky or as serious as you’d like. Some may call it an obsession, and others just cannot live without it, especially those trying to increase their followers. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best movies that have aspects of social media in them.



Mainstream tells the story of a young woman who drops out of high school in the hope of chasing her dream of making art but instead finds herself working as a bartender. The only thing she has going for her is a struggling YouTube channel that is seemingly going nowhere. That is, until she runs into Link, during random filming at a mall, uploads a video of his rambles and it goes viral. Link is completely anti-social media, but the two become friends and partners with a channel called “No one Special” that eventually evolves into a popular game show.


Eighth Grade

Starring Elis Fisher as Kayla alongside Emily Robinson and Josh Hamilton, Eighth Grade is a coming-of-age comedy-drama about an anxiety sufferer that strives to gain her peers’ acceptance in the final week of middle school. In order to cope with the difficulties she faces, Kayla turns to video blogging as a self-styled motivational advice giver. This movie was created to dig deeper into how this generation copes with mental illnesses and to highlight their journey of self-discovery in a world strongly influenced by social media.


The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg perfectly portrays Mark Zuckerberg in this compelling biography drama that highlights the founding of the social network giant, Facebook, and the lawsuits that have resulted along the way. With names like Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, and Armie Hammer, The Social Network is riveting and ambitious, with impeccable scripts and fine performances. Although neither Mark Zuckerberg nor any Facebook staff was involved in this film in any way, its tagline is perfectly suited to the challenges that were faced and probably still are today. You definitely don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies along the way.



Sweat is the portrayal of the drama surrounding the lives of popular Instagram influencers. Set and produced in Poland, it brings to light the story of Sylwie (Magdalena Kolèsnik), a self-confident fitness influencer that isn’t afraid to show every one of her imperfections to her over 600,000 Instagram followers. She seemingly has it all, from the looks to the greatest endorsement deals and magazine spreads, but having no boyfriend and no social life outside of her obsession with social media, she is left lonely and highly emotional. Instead of hiding behind a fake facade, she uses her shortcomings to her advantage in a brilliant show of real content that has her followers lapping it up.



This list wouldn’t be complete with a movie from the horror genre, with a bit of laughter to wash over the fear. Joe Keery, Sasheer Zamata, and Mischa Barton come together in this comedy-horror that portrays the story of a rideshare driver that will do anything to go viral, including live streaming himself murdering his passengers. Spree follows the story of a young man named Kurt Kunkle who is obsessed with becoming a social media star, and even more so after a young child that he used to babysit becomes an internet sensation. He finds work as a driver for a rideshare app called Spree, sets up a camera in his car, and starts murdering his passengers with bottles of poisoned water that he hands out to them. Needless to say, he gets even crazier after amassing just one YouTube follower. This is a rather dark movie that clearly reflects the lengths that people go-to for a little stardom.



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